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MAMBA (Moscow Area Mountain Bike Association)

Bylaws/Meeting Minutes (login required)

MAMBA Mountain BikerMAMBA's basic arrangement with Moscow Mountain landowners is to maintain/improve the established trails with a focus on safety and erosion control. We also build new trails as opportunities present themselves and base new trail building on IMBA guidelines. MAMBA trails located on Bennett land are open to ALL non-motorized means of transportation. Acceptable use includes horseback riding as well as hiking, running, and biking. Trailheads are usually kept hidden to reduce illegal motorized use. It's best to ride these trails with someone who's ridden them before. Technical, downhill trails do not meet MAMBA's primary purpose and are not in line with the wishes of the landowners. However, we always try to incorporate as much fun into our trails as possible.

Moscow Mountain NatureMission Statement

The Moscow Area Mountain Bike Association, Inc., (hereinafter, "MAMBA" "the Club" or "the Corporation") is an Idaho nonprofit corporation with the purpose of creating, enhancing, and preserving a sustainable, publicly-accessible mountain bike trail system on the Palouse. A fundamental component of MAMBA's mission is respect for private land and the desires of the private landowners that allow us to recreate on their lands. MAMBA is committed to being good stewards of the land, to respect the wishes of our landowners, and to strive in all activities to leave the land in better condition than we found it.

Board of Directors

John Wenz, President
Matt Pollard, Secretary
Tony Matson, Treasurer
Colin Priebe
MAMBA Mountain BikerKatie Rapp
Donald Schmidt
Sandra Townsend

Advisory Positions

Jerry Long, Landowner Liaison
Colin Priebe, Trails Chairperson
Katie Rapp, Community Engagement
Vacant, Director of Communications