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MAMBA Trail BuilderMAMBA Trail Builds
We usually meet in Rosauers parking lot N Main St, Moscow or at a designated location on the mountain. Bring lunch, snacks, sturdy footwear, work gloves, water, and energy. Tools are supplied. No experience necessary.

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posted 09.08.19

MAMBA September Social

Join MAMBA for it's annual SEPTEMBER SOCIAL! MAMBA Board members will be on hand to answer questions, hear concerns and help you become a member. MAMBA works to build and maintain trails on Moscow Mountain for the responsible use of bikers, hikers, runners, and horseback riders.

Mark your calendars!

Date: Tuesday, Sept 17, 2019

Time: Stop by anytime between 6-9 pm

Location: Hunga Dunga (333. N Jackson, Moscow, ID).

Hosted by Pedal the Palouse

John Wenz
MAMBA President


Logging Update
posted 09.03.19

Logging will start this week near lower LaFortunes Flight and the northern bit of PLT.

Please stay out of the area and away from Warnick Parking Lot. Log trucks will be coming down Warnick Rd.

This logging is being done for the health of the forest and not a for-profit operation.

Matt Pollard
MAMBA Secretary


PLT MaintenanceMAMBA Trail Maintenance
posted 08.25.19

As much as we like technical trail features, crossing a bridge should not be one of them! Today a small crew did a bit of maintenance of the lowest bridge on PLT.

Matt Pollard
MAMBA Secretary


Headwaters Reroute WorkMAMBA Trail Maintenance
posted 08.24.19

Thanks to the volunteers today for helping with the new Headwaters reroute on Moscow Mtn! Great things happen when forces combine like the Outdoor Program, MAMBA, and the University of Idaho's Serving Your New Community (SYNC)!

John Wenz
MAMBA President


MAMBA Board of Directors Meeting
posted 08.13.19

A meeting of the MAMBA Board of Directors will happen this Thursday, August 15th, 7pm at Mikey's Gyros in Moscow.

Agenda items:

  • Appointment of new board members: Suzanne Kaplan and Kyle French
  • Palouse bike week activities:
    • MAMBA September Social Planning - 9/17 at Hunga Dunga
    • Trailbuilding 101 at Bike Park across from UI arboretum?
  • Update on Idler's Rest Trail
  • Trail signs discussion
  • New trail request discussion
    • "Flow Trail" with technical trail features: jumps, drops, berms, gaps
    • "Beginner friendly" trail

MAMBA members are welcomed and encouraged to attend.

John Wenz
MAMBA President


Active Logging near Warnick's Parking Lot
posted 08.06.19

Logging starts on Wednesday 8/7/19 & we've been asked by the landowners to close a few trails:

  • CLOSED: Lower LaFortune's Flight from Warnick's Parking Lot to PLT
  • CLOSED: North-most portion of PLT

In addition, they will be hauling up to 4 log trucks a day for the next month out on Warnick Rd to Moscow Mtn Rd. Please stay out of the affected area and keep your eyes peeled for log trucks until further notifications. Please observe the posted signs.

John Wenz
MAMBA President


Technical Trail Features (TTFs)
posted 08.06.19

TTFsTechnical Trail Features (TTF) are components of a trail design that add a challenge--requiring an additional level of skill. TTFs can make a good trail GREAT for seasoned riders. (TTFs examples include berms, bridges, A-frames, jumps, roots, and rocks.)

Recently, a favorite TTF on LaFortune's Flight consisting of a few rocks was covered over with dirt. Most of the trails on Moscow Mtn are pretty smooth and tech features are mostly tight turns and climbing turns. So, when one of the few rocky/rooty TTFs was made easier—some of MAMBA's riders were dismayed. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE contact MAMBA (info@bikemoscow.org) if you have ideas for modifying existing trails. We will send your suggestion through MAMBA's review process which is required for all trail additions and modifications.

Thanks for making our community such great place to live and, as always, thanks to the private landowners that let us play on their land!

John Wenz
MAMBA President


Headwaters Reroute

Trail Party Report
posted 08.03.19

We built some sweet single track today! Thanks to David, Matt M, Mary, Cassie, Dylan, Mark, Eloise, Sydney and Matt P for their efforts battling the thick sod to establish single track trail. Eloise won the drawing (falling) and was the recipient of a pair of exclusive MAMBA socks. Feel left out? Check out the MAMBA home page for future Trail Work days. If those days don't work, but you still want to get out and do your part, send an email to info@bikemoscow.org and we will set you up.

John Wenz
MAMBA President


Trail Work Party this Saturday (Aug 3rd)
posted 07.31.19

Come build some sweet new single track!!

Run, bike, hike--however you use the trail, we need your help. We will be working on a Headwaters re-route this Sat, Aug 3rd. Meet at Headwaters parking at 7:30am. We will work until noon. Bring water, snacks, gloves and STURDY close-toed shoes. We will have gloves and granola bars, if needed.

John Wenz
MAMBA President


Upcoming Trail Work Opportunities
posted 07.29.19

Have you been looking for an opportunity to give back to the mountain that sustains your outdoor recreational use habit? Trail work days are also a great way to learn something new and meet like-minded folks in the community.

No Experience Necessary. Look for details the week before each Trail Work Day.

  • Aug 3rd (Saturday) Meet 7:30am at Headwaters Parking - Headwaters reroute
  • Vally Off Road Bcycling AssociationAug 24th (Saturday) Meet 8:00am at the CrossPoint Alliance Church parking lot (Thain Rd and Powers Ave) in Lewiston, ID. Help expand trails in the LC Valley - Craig Mountain. Check out the Valley Off Road Bicycling Association Facebook page for details
  • Sep 7th (Saturday) Meet 8:00am at Headwaters Trailhead - Headwaters reroute
  • Sep 28th (Saturday) Meet 8:30am at Rosauers Parking Lot- Rebuilding bridges on Cabin Trail

Want to do your part to help keep our trails great, but these dates don't work out for you? Get some friends, co-workers or merry band of strangers together and contact us at info@bikemoscow.org and let's see if we can create your own Trail Work party.

A BIG THANK YOU to all our Adopt-A-Trail Program Trail Stewards and their work teams for beating back the brush on our trails!!

John Wenz
MAMBA President


Preparing to clear brush on Wonderpup

Whacked in the face, arms and legs by brush sucks
posted 07.13.19

Granted this is more of a problem for mountain bikers and runners than hikers, but everyone can help do something to combat sucky brush on our trails.

Join the ADOPT-A-TRAIL program. Let's do some math. We have about 280 active members, 520 on this list and from our first call we got 15 AWESOME volunteers to be Trail Stewards. That is great, but only 3-5% of our potential. We all give in different ways and at different times of the year and that's very much appreciated. I'm just suggesting giving a second thought to taking on a trail. We need to knock back the brush in the next couple weeks before the fire risk goes up with the hot, dry weather being forecast--prohibiting power tool use on the mountain. Fall will bring another opportunity to knock back the brush, but we'd like to get it done so we can enjoy clear trails for the rest of the summer.

Ready to be a Trail Steward? Send an email to info@bikemoscow.org and let us know you want to adopt a trail. If you have a specific trail in mind let us know. Once you get your trail, go check it out and determine if it needs brushing (note we like to knock the brush back at least 3 ft so it doesn't need to be done again for a few years). Coordinate tool pickup and get it done. Also take note of any trail maintenance that is needed, particularly BRIDGES that need to be redone. Then enjoy the satisfaction of having made the trails better for everyone!

Current trails looking for a loving Trail Steward:

  • Hey Noose
  • Switchblade
  • South Side
  • Queen Mary's Revenge
  • Upper Tusk
  • Lower Tusk
  • Up & Over
  • Lickity Split
  • Cedar Grove

Looking forward to hearing from you!

John Wenz
MAMBA President


2019 Group Ride

Give back to the trails
posted 07.11.19

MAMBA is looking for two new members to serve on its Board of Directors.

Qualifications include:

  • Being an active MAMBA member
  • Being an active trail user
  • A willingness to dedicate some time and effort toward our mission of creating, enhancing and preserving a sustainable, publicly-accessible trail system on the Palouse.

From the MAMBA bylaws: Board positions are either one, two or three year terms, with not more than two positions changing in any one calendar year. New board members are appointed by current board members by a simple majority vote.

Interested individuals should send an email to: info@bikemoscow.org. Please tell us why you would like to be a board member and what you can contribute to the ensure the success of the organization. Emails should be received by Thursday, July 18, 2019.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

John Wenz
MAMBA President


MAMBA Board Meeting
posted 07.09.19

MAMBA Business Meeting
Wednesday, July 10, 7pm at Mikey's Gyros.


  • Board/Advisory position vacancies
  • Palouse bike week/ Sept Social planning
  • Adopt-a-trail program status report
  • Trail signs

John Wenz
MAMBA President


SadieTrail Party Report
posted 06.30.19

Although Sadie got the brunt of it, the PLT flash party was a success! Thanks Will, Jessica, and Dominik.

As for Sadie... she’s went to the Vet (porcupine). Two hours at the Vet and 80 quills later, Sadie is looking much better!

Matt Pollard
MAMBA Secretary


Brush Cut Needed!Trail Maintenance Party
posted 06.29.19

Flash Party! PLT (formerly known as Private Lands Trail) is looking mighty brushy. Meet at 8am Sunday 6/30/19 (tomorrow) at the Trail Landing Parking Lot (a.k.a. Moscow Mtn Rd Parking) to help us brush cut it.

If you do the Facebook thing, please leave a comment to let us know you are going.

Matt Pollard
MAMBA Secretary


Rock & a Hard Place Bridge RebuildTrail Maintenance Party
posted 06.22.19

Bridge: done! Rock and a Hard Place just got a bit less sketchy. Thanks to Amanda, Amber, Dave and Mark.

Matt Pollard
MAMBA Secretary


Trail Maintenance Party, June 22
posted 06.21.19

Rock & a Hard Place Bridge RebuildUh-oh! A bridge on the trail Rock and a Hard Place needs to be replaced ASAP! This bridge is 15'6" long and will require a crew to remove the old and build a new one.

Meet at the Trail Landing parking lot (a.k.a. Moscow Mtn Rd Parking) Saturday June 22, 2019 at 8:30am. We will caravan to the top of the mountain and hike into the bridge.

Bring water, snacks, and STURDY close-toed shoes. We will have gloves and light snacks.

We will be carrying in new material and tools, building the bridge on-site.

If you do the Facebook thing, please check out this Event and let us know you are going!

Matt Pollard
MAMBA Secretary


Trail Adoption Meeting, June 12th
posted 06.07.19

Trail Adaption PlanMeet at Lena Whitmore Park Picnic Shelter from 7pm-8pm on Wednesday, June 12 to discuss MAMBA’s new Trail Adoption Plan, trail clearing, and expectations MAMBA has of Trail Adopters. For those who are interested but unsure if this is for you, please show up to learn about the program (maybe even choose a trail to sign up for at the event). If you have already signed up for a trail and cannot attend, please let us know.

If you do the Facebook thing, please check out this Event and let us know you are going!

Colin Priebe
MAMBA Trails Chairperson


Trail Work Party a SUCCESS
posted 06.02.19

Headwaters SwitchbackNational Trails Day - 23 AMAZING volunteers came out to build some sweet, sustainable trail on the Headwaters re-route yesterday. It was a great and diverse crew: Mountain bikers, Ultra Runners, Sane Runners, Teenagers and a Landowner too! Nice work and a big thanks to all who donated their time!!

If you didn't make it this time, check for other group trail work party dates. Or if you want to do some work on your own when you have the time, just email us at info@bikemoscow.org.

John Wenz
MAMBA President


Trail Build this Saturday
posted 05.28.19

We will be working on a Headwaters re-route this Sat., June 1st. Come and take part in improving one of the most used trails on Moscow Mtn. Run, bike, hike--however you use the trail, we need your help. Meet at Rosauers' parking lot in Moscow at 8:30am (or at the Headwater's parking area 8:45am). Bring water, snacks, gloves and STURDY close-toed shoes. We will have gloves and granola bars, if needed.

John Wenz
MAMBA President


Mother Bear and Cub
posted 05.23.19

One of our members had a close encounter with a mother bear and a cub at the top of Headwaters today. It is always worth remembering that we are just visitors in the forest. While biking, hiking, and running, it is smart to make some noise and to be aware of your surroundings.

Here is some information from the National Park Service about how to prepare yourself for an encounter with a bear: Staying Safe Around Bears

Colin Priebe
MAMBA Trails Chairperson


Trail Build Saturday, June 1st
posted 05.20.19

As part of American Hiking Society's National Trails Day, MAMBA will be working on a re-route of the Headwaters trail for erosion mitigation. Headwaters SwitchbackThis will be a big project so the more help the better. Come learn the basics of trail-building, dig in the dirt, meet new trail users and make our trails more awesome!

Meet at the Rosauers' parking lot in Moscow at 8:30am (or at the Headwater's parking area 8:45am) on Saturday, June 1st.

Bring water, snacks, gloves and STURDY close-toed shoes. We will have gloves and granola bars, if needed.

If you do the Facebook thing, please checkout the Trail Build Day Event and let us know you are going!

John Wenz
MAMBA President


Port-a-Potty at Headwaters Parking
posted 05.16.19

In response to multiple requests, the MAMBA board decided to trial a port-a-potty at the Headwaters Parking area. It was placed today and will remain until mid-October so long as it is not abused. If you like this and the other great things that MAMBA does to enhance recreational opportunities, please become an active MAMBA member or make a donation to the club.

DOG OWNERS, please do not put plastic bagged doggie doo in the port-a-potty. This plugs up the pump. And please, oh please, IF YOU BAG IT, PACK IT OUT. We have been seeing lots of bagged doo left on the roadside!

Q: How about placing a port-a-potty at the new Trail Landing Parking area on Moscow Mtn Rd?

A: That's a "no go" for now. Landowners are concerned, and rightly so, that it will encourage non-approved use (like parking lot parties). There are ~13 homes beyond the Headwaters Parking area, so it sees more consistent traffic. Not so for Trail Landing and thus, that area could be more inviting to those looking to party. Also, the risk of vandalism of the port-a-potty at this site is higher.

THANKS and enjoy!

John Wenz
MAMBA President


posted 05.13.19

MAMBA is looking for volunteers for our newly implemented Adopt-A-Trail program. We would like to find a volunteer who is willing to organize and coordinate a trail maintenance day for their trail. Responsibilities would be cutting back brush as needed early in the season and identifying and reporting other needed trail maintenance “dirt” work. If you'd like to take ownership of your favorite trail or simply want to help keep the mountain awesome and want more details, please email us at info@bikemoscow.org by Sunday, May 26th.

Tony Matson
MAMBA Treasurer


MAMBA Trail Work
posted 05.05.19

We had a great crew out working on Headwaters switchbacks today. Enjoy the rebuilt corners. Thanks to all those who helped out!

Colin Priebe
MAMBA Trails Chairperson


MAMBA Trail Work
posted 04.28.19

Headwaters TrailSun, MAY 5 AT 2:45pm: duration 3hrs
MAMBA Trail Work
Headwaters Trail (upper switchbacks)

Come join us on May 5 for the first group build of the year! The switchbacks on Headwaters have had a lots of wear and tear over the years. For this project, we are going to rebuild a few of these switchbacks. Meet at the SE corner of the Rosauers parking lot for a carpool leaving at 2:45pm. The dig will be roughly 2 hours of work and 3 hours of overall time. Bring closed toe shoes, water and snacks. If you don't have work gloves, we will have some available.

Colin Priebe
MAMBA Trails Chairperson


MAMBA Business Meeting
posted 04.17.19

MAMBA Business Meeting Thursday 4/18/2019 7pm at Mikey's Gyros.


  • Annual Membership meeting review
  • Discuss prioritization and implementation of member suggestions

John Wenz
MAMBA President


Trails on Moscow Mtn are opening up

update 04.17.19

You can make a nice loop of Switchblade and Moose Marbles from Headwaters. Just one large tree down on Switchblade. Mid Mtn (Gemini, PLT) still icy /snowy as of last week.

posted 04.15.19

What a great week! Trails on the mountain are opening up and the dirt is great. It stopped raining--for now.

We had a great Annual Membership Meeting, with 85 people in attendance at the 1912 center (the staff there were on it, making setup so easy). Dave Peckham's videos were great and the Moscow Brewing Company beer was tasty! But, I'd have to say the highlight of the night for me was the Open Forum. Lots of good thoughts, sharing of ideas and challenges to the board. Thursday, 4/18 at 7pm, the board will be meeting to review these ideas. Stay tuned on location and come to the meeting.

The raffle was a success, pulling in some cash and more importantly encouraging more memberships and meeting attendance. Sheri and Daniel Erwin took home the SUP donated by NRS, while Leon Blood got the sweet Singlespeed provided by the Palouse Bicycle Collective.

2019 Sock Design for MAMBA by Kate JobThe MAMBA socks, designed by Kate Job have been selling! I wore mine today and noticed a couple others with them out on the trails. If you are a MAMBA member and you want yours, well, we need to figure out how you can get them... get back to you on that. The socks are pretty cool. However, the watercolor design Kate submitted for the sock design contest is so much more than a sock can depict! Check it out.

John Wenz
MAMBA President


MAMBA Members-only Socks

Annual MAMBAship Meeting April 10th
posted 04.08.19

The MAMBA Annual Membership meeting will be held on Wednesday,
April 10, 7-9 pm at the 1912 Center, 412 E. 3rd St, Moscow.

Less than 48 hrs until the Annual MAMBAship meeting. In case you are asking, "Why should I go?" -- 10 Reasons (not the top, just what I could muster without great writers like John Oliver or Letterman):

  1. All the cool kids are going, 'nuff said. well, maybe not...
  2. Colin and Matt will be showing off their tools (trail building tools)
  3. Showings of great MTB videos shot on Moscow Mtn to get you pumped to get up there!
  4. Get you own pair(s) of Member-exclusive MAMBA socks for cheap! (DeFeet Levitator 6" 50:50 wool). Perfect for any type of trail use.
  5. Become better informed about MAMBA-doings.
  6. Take a chance on the raffle to win a NRS SUP or Singlespeed bike
  7. Drink a beer (or water) while connecting with other Members, the Board & -- if we are lucky -- some of our AMAZING landowners!
  8. I forget what 8 was for.... win a fabulous door prize?
  9. Speak your mind -- if you get the mic during the open forum. Otherwise, stuff the suggestion box or lay it on a board member.
  10. See and be seen at what will surely become one of the premier annual events on the Palouse.

But really, you all want to grow and support an organization that -- in combination with the landowners -- truly improves the quality of life for our community. See you there.

John Wenz
MAMBA President


Annual MAMBAship Meeting April 10th
posted 04.02.19

The MAMBA Annual Membership meeting will be held on Wednesday, April 10, 7-9 pm at the 1912 Center, 412 E. 3rd St, Moscow with the following activities:

  • MAMBA Members-only SocksMembers-only MAMBA Levitator Trail socks by DeFeet available for purchase

Share your favorite photos of Moscow Area trails to be shown throughout the evening by clicking here

MAMBAship Meeting Agenda

  • Board of Directors introductions
  • Accomplishments of the past year
  • Plans for the coming year
  • SUP/Bike raffle drawing
  • Open discussion forum
  • Connect with other members and landowners

John Wenz
MAMBA President


RaffleAnnual MAMBAship Meeting
posted 03.20.19

Take a chance to win a NEW Inflatable Standup Paddle Board (SUP) or a Single Speed Bike* & support MAMBA trail activities on Moscow Mtn in 3 easy steps:

  1. NRS Inflatable Standup Paddle Board (SUP)MUST BE a CURRENT MAMBA MEMBER or a Moscow Mountain landowner to WIN
  2. MAMBA Raffle tickets sell for $5 each or 5 for $20. Click on the link below to purchase tickets. You may also purchase tickets at the Annual MAMBAship Meeting.

    Annual MAMBAship Meeting
    Wednesday, Apr 10, 2019 to start at 7pm
    1912 Center, Moscow ID

Single Speed Bike from Bicycle CollectiveRaffle Ticket Info

*Thanks to NRS for donating a NEW Inflatable Standup Paddle Board (SUP) Escape 11-6.  And thanks to the Palouse Bicycle Collective for adding a sweet used single speed 2016 Fairdale Flyer (Top Tube 21", Seat Tube 16.5" with 26" Schwalbe Apple tires, KMC chain and Odyssey Juicy pedals) to put some cash in the coffers to support trailwork on Moscow Mtn and encourage members to attend the Annual MAMBAship meeting.


Winter Trail Grooming Update

posted 03.02.19
Pollard PackerMulti-use Groomed Track is Awesome Today. Bikers: smaller than 3" tires please don't ride the track or it will rut. 3" run lowest tire pressure--if you are rutting up, please stop and turn back. Fatter tires and low pressure are rolling awesomely!! Thanks to Matt Pollard for building our newest piece of equipment: The Pollard Packer pictured to the right in blue. Plows away some of the fresh POW and provides better packing because of the smaller platform. Andrew Pratt's idea and a game changer. Future modifications are to add a leveler and conditioner to fill in and re-create super smooth trail!

posted 02.16.19
MAMBA Groomed TrailsGroomed same loop today. Great for skiing, snowshoeing, hiking, running, biking. Trail will be soft, but more snow coming so have at it! Biking will be a little challenging. Type 2 fun if you are up for it.

posted 02.14.19
Many thanks to Andrew Pratt for making 3 laps to pack a nice ~6 mile loop. Hopefully it will freeze and the FAT bikes can get out.

posted 02.13.19
Nice packing this morning. Should be great for skiing, snowshoeing, and fat tires with low pressure. Running, hiking, and plus-size-tire bikes -- probably not ready yet.

John Wenz
MAMBA President


Winter Trail Grooming Report
posted 02.11.19

V-PlowThanks to Matt Pollard for grooming yesterday and all his work building the "V-Plow" designed to take some of the extra powder off the hardpacked trail. Still a work in progress. And the snow overnight covered most of Matt's efforts grooming to Velo Rd, down and back.

LOTS of sweet powder up there, but it doesn't compact well. Got up to Velo Rd--packed 3 times. MORE SNOW tonight. Ran into some grateful skiers. Glad folks are enjoying the packed trail. Unfortunately, it will likely be too soft for biking for a while until the snow stops and we can get it packed enough.

Don't forget to get out and snowshoe Headwaters and other trails to pack them nicely for your biking buddies.

MAMBA Groomed Trails

John Wenz
MAMBA President


MAMBA Trail Committee Meeting Feb 12th
posted 02.5.19

Are you interested in helping with trail work? Have you ever thought about how trails can be improved for safety, erosion mitigation or quality? If so, the MAMBA Trail Committee is looking for volunteers to help plan and coordinate trail work, maintain trails, and clear brush.

Join us for the 2nd MAMBA Trail Committee Meeting on Tuesday, February 12th at 7pm in the back room of Hunga Dunga Brewing Company in Moscow. We will be discussing specific projects and trail clearing opportunities to be completed this spring, as well as a development of a trail master plan for MAMBA.   

Colin Priebe
MAMBA Board Member


Latest Winter Trail Grooming Report
posted 02.03.19

MAMBA Groomed Trails

Many thanks to Andrew Pratt for grooming. Still getting some wet snow tonight (Sunday). I (John Wenz) am going to groom again Monday afternoon. But, it may take a day or so before the trail is set. PLEASE refrain from using the trail if you are leaving a deep mark (footprint or tire track). Such marks will freeze and trash the trail for you and everyone else to use in the future. Forecast is for at least a week of low temps so if we give it chance to set, should have some amazing SMOOTH track to enjoy!!

John Wenz
MAMBA President


MAMBA Sock Design Contest
posted 01.30.19

It is time MAMBA members had a way to flaunt their MAMBAship, but in a modest way. SOCKS! But what should the first piece of MAMBAwear look like besides great and foot-shaped?

MAMBA members show us your designs that will fit on a 6" height cuff.
Not a member? Join MAMBA.

The winning design will garner the designer bragging rights, local fame, and a couple pair of free socks sporting their design.

This is a Flash design contest so your idea needs to be submitted via email by 5pm Tuesday Feb 5th 2019 to: info@bikemoscow.org. Questions can be sent to the same email.

Remember you must be a MAMBA member to enter.

John Wenz
MAMBA President


Winter Trail Grooming Report
posted 01.23.19

MAMBA Groomed Trails

Groomed Trail Set. Snow VERY wet. Please stay off the trail until it freezes.

John Wenz
MAMBA President


MAMBA Business Meeting
posted 01.22.19

MAMBA Business Meeting Thursday 1/24/2019 7pm at Mikey's Gyros.


  • Annual Membership meeting planning
  • Trail Landing (new parking area on Moscow Mtn Rd) dedication sign update
  • Winter grooming equipment purchase discussion

John Wenz
MAMBA President


Let's Groom Sweet Single Track
posted 01.01.19

Bikers: To create sweet single track to ride this winter, consider going out with a couple riding buddies and snowshoe your favorite trail. Shoeshoeing does a pretty good job of creating ridable singletrack. Snowshoers: Help out your biking friends by snowshoeing.

One pass down the center, one to the left, and another to the right will do some nice packing. This works especially well when it is warm out. After this freezes, the result is a nice ridable singletrack.

John Wenz
MAMBA President


E-bike Use on Moscow Mtn?
posted 01.01.19

Q: Are there rules about e-bike use on Moscow Mtn trails?

A: Currently there are no specific rules for e-bike use on Moscow Mtn trails. Ultimately, it is the decision of our gracious landowners. On first glance, e-bikes have an electric motor so they may be considered motorized. Currently, no motorized vehicle use is allowed on trails. However, MAMBA's board recognizes that there are different classes of e-bikes that provide a legal distinction between a bicycle with motors (pedal assist) and motorized vehicles that are prohibited from many trail systems. The board is in the process of putting together unbiased information that we can provide to the landowners to help them to make a more informed decision.

John Wenz
MAMBA President