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MAMBA Trail BuilderMAMBA Trail Builds
We may meet in Rosauers parking lot N Main St, Moscow or at a designated location on the mountain. Bring lunch, snacks, sturdy footwear, work gloves, water, and energy. Tools are supplied. No experience necessary.

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MAMBA Board Meeting
posted 05.05.21

MAMBA Board of Directors meets via Zoom on Thursday, May 6 at 7pm

Key Agenda items:

  • MAMBAVote on amendments to bylaws
  • Discussion about MAMBA paying for dust suppression from Headwaters Parking to end of Foothill Rd
  • Trail work updates: Balsam route, Phillips Farm, North Contour
  • UIEF Rec Committee meeting report
  • Update on new membership management system rollout
  • Update on new website

All are welcomed to attend. Contact The MAMBA Crew for the Zoom address.

John Wenz
MAMBA President


MAMBA Trail Build this Saturday
posted 05.03.21

Meet at Mountain View Park parking lot at noon Saturday, May 8, 2021 to caravan out to to the mountain and help build a new section of trail in the West Twin area. We are planning noon till 4pm PDT and will be digging for ~3 hours, so expect to be back at Mountain View around 4:00pm. Bring gloves, boots, water and some snacks. We will provide all the tools.

Colin Priebe
MAMBA Trails Chairperson


Idaho Gives: April 29 - May 6

posted 05.07.21
With the help of 53 donors, MAMBA raised $4,235 this year with Idaho Gives!

posted 04.29.21

Idaho Gives

Please join us in our efforts to make this the most awesome time of giving Idaho state has ever seen! MAMBA is setting a goal of $10,000 this year and any help you can provide to reach that goal and support Great Trails on the Palouse would be appreciated. We are writing to ask you to take five minutes to give to MAMBA. Also, consider giving to some of the many other local nonprofits.

Your donation of any amount to MAMBA will help:

Idaho Gives Ideas

  • Here's how you can make a HUGE difference:
    Dontate to MAMBA through IDAHO GIVES

  • Spread the word. Text a friend. Forward this email. Post on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram using the hashtag IdahoGives. Oh, and you can also just tell someone in person – that works, too.

Why donate now through Idaho Gives? Prizes! Not for you, for the non-profits. Prizes of extra funds to support our great work can be won based on your giving. Check them out and give strategically to maximize your monetary impact.

Thanks and Happy Trails!

John Wenz
MAMBA President


MAMBA Trail Build Report
posted 04.26.21

On Sunday afternoon, April 25, we had a great group of 13 volunteers work on a new trail section. The group was able to make around 750' rideable. Helen Strobel, who helped start this project, showed up for a short bit, and her husband Greg Unruh, dug for the whole afternoon. It was really nice to have the landowners, who motioned this along, out there throwing dirt with us.

Colin Priebe
MAMBA Trails Chairperson


MAMBA Trail Build this Sunday
posted 04.23.21

Meet at Mountain View Park parking lot at noon Sunday, April 25, 2021 to caravan out to help build a new section of trail on the West Twin area of the mountain. We plan to be digging for ~3 hours, so back at Mountain View around 4pm. Bring gloves, boots, water and some snacks. We will provide all the tools.

Sanda Townsend
MAMBA Board Member and Fundraising Chairperson


2021 MAMBA Membership Meeting
posted 04.21.21

The MAMBA Membership Virtual Meeting included the Annual Report for 2020 and a review of proposed amendments to MAMBA's bylaws.

Sanda Townsend
MAMBA Board Member and Fundraising Chairperson


MAMBA Membership Meeting
posted 04.11.21

Snow DogJoin the MAMBA Board of Directors for the MAMBA Membership Meeting of 2021 via.... yeah, Zoom. This one is virtual folks.

So, it won't be THE Social Event of the year. However, it will still be a great opportunity to let the board and others know what you are thinking, learn about future trail planning, fundraisers, goals for the coming year and.... we put it at the end to make sure everyone stays for the whole meeting... a review of amendments to the MAMBA bylaws!

So come as you are and Zoom with us for an hour on Wednesday, April 21, 2021 at 7pm.

Please consider Becoming a MAMBA MEMBER if you are not one already. Why become a MAMBA member? To support MAMBA's mission of "creating, enhancing and preserving a sustainable, publicly-accessible trail system on the Palouse." Here is what your MAMBAship helps support:

  • Port-a-potties at Headwaters parking and Trail Landing parking. Why? Convenience and good neighbor relations as it keeps people from using their property as a latrine (yuck).
  • Trail signs. Many know the trails like the back of their hand, but signs show newcomers the way and help keep us on the trails--respecting the private lands on which the trails are built.
  • Maintaining and improving over 60 trails. Recent major work on PLT, Headwaters, and plans this season to redo North Contour post timber harvest.
  • New Trails!
    • Balsam Route at the top of West Twin Rd.
    • A new multiuse trail at Phillips Farm that is beginner bike friendly going in this spring.
    • Partnering with UI Experimental Forest planning trails over by the Tamarack parking area.
  • Maintaining an inventory of tools to get all that good work done.
  • Long-term planning efforts for future trail access

Thanks to all our members for your support. And for all MAMBA trail users out there we would like to thank the Landowners of Moscow Mtn who let us recreate responsibly on their land. Remember ALL MAMBA Trails on Moscow Mtn are on Private Land. Respect the Land. Stay on the Trail. Enjoy.

John Wenz
MAMBA President


Winter Grooming Report
posted 02.20.21

Snow DogWinter Trails are in Great Shape! Thanks to Andrew Hoehn, Clark Filip, Alex Kappes and Will Warfel for helping me keep up grooming. North loop still soft but winter loop should be good for whatever your winter trail fun. Get out and Enjoy and as always THANKS TO OUR PRIVATE LANDOWNERS for providing us such a great place to play!

John Wenz
MAMBA President


Winter Grooming Report
posted 02.13.21

Moscow Mtn Snowshoeing TrailsWinter and North Loop Groomed - Thank you Private Landowners of Moscow Mountain for allowing us to enjoy the great outdoors on your land!

John Wenz
MAMBA President


Show your support for a Multiuse trail at Phillips Farm
posted 02.11.21

You may have seen the Moscow-Pullman Daily News Article about MAMBA's Proposal to build a short, Multiuse trail at Phillips Farm (pdf).We've had great support from everyone involved so far, Phillips Farm Park - Open Dawn to Duskbut have some concern that the article in the paper portrayed it as only a mountain bike trail, rather than a multiuse trail (hike, run, bike) built to be friendly to beginner mountain bikers.

If you've ever introduced someone to mountain biking on Moscow Mountain, you know that while we've got a great trail network, we're a little short on true beginner trails. At least, beginner trails accessible without a ton of climbing involved.

That's why we've been working towards a multiuse beginner trail in cooperation with the Friends of Phillips Farm, Moscow Parks and Recreation, and Latah County Parks and Recreation. The trail would be about a 1-mile loop that would be a great place to introduce kids, or new riders to mountain biking, take a nice hike or even a trail run. The proposed trail is purposely short and easy so it will be unlikely to attract any but beginning bikers. Signs will be placed on the other trails in the park indicating bikes are not permitted and given the steep grade and off camber nature of those trails, they aren't attractive to mountain bikers anyway.

It would also be our first-ever trail entirely on public lands.

Moscow City Council will be considering the plan Monday, March 1. If you're a Moscow resident and you're in favor of adding a multiuse trail at Phillips Farm, please consider taking a little time to email your city council representatives and let them know that you're excited about the trail at Phillips Farm, and why it'd be a good thing for our community.

Thanks for your help!

John Wenz
MAMBA President


posted 02.10.21

MAMBA Board Meeting Wednesday, February 17, 7pm via Zoom
Main topics for discussion include:

  • MAMBAMAMBA membership management service plan
  • Fundraising initiatives
  • Plans for Virtual, Spring MAMBAship Meeting

All are welcomed to attend. Contact The MAMBA Crew for the Zoom address.

This Year Is Going to be So Much Better
COVID brought more users to our trail network than ever before. For 2021, we're hoping for a lot less COVID, and even more great trail time. Keep an eye out for upcoming volunteer opportunities as we work to maintain and improve the trails we already have, bring back some old favorites as soon as logging operations allow, and (fingers crossed) maybe even add a new trail or two to our network. As always, remember, ALL MAMBA trails on Moscow Mountain are on PRIVATE LAND. Be respectful and thankful to the private landowners, our gracious hosts!

Is It Time to Renew Your MAMBA'ship or become a member?
MAMBA trails are open to ALL USERS. So, if you use the trails consider becoming a member or renewing your MAMBAship today. We have been transitioning to a new membership management system and haven't sent out renewal reminders for months! We're working on getting automated membership renewal system up and running soon, but there's no reason you can't beat us to the punch. MAMBA membership is just $20/yr, and helps support our trail access, building and maintenance efforts, porta potties at Headwaters and Trail Landing parking. Click here to renew or become a member online. To all our current members, THANK YOU for your support!

The MAMBA Crew


Winter Grooming Report
posted 02.09.21

Moscow Mtn Snowshoeing TrailsAfter few weeks without a working clutch, the Snow Dog (our wintertime trail groomer) is back and better than ever.  Big thanks to Matt Pollard for his donation of time and mechanical expertise! We've been working to keep the Headwaters Winter Loop groomed and in good condition, so if you've got some fat tires, get out and enjoy it. Cold, dry snow doesn't pack well, so it may be a while before we get a good base established.

John Wenz
MAMBA President


Happy New Year!
posted 01.01.21

Grooming woes. After two uneventful seasons of grooming with the SnowDog, we have encountered mechanical problems with the drive train. Matt Pollard is on it, but unfortunately parts needed to be ordered so right now we are not sure when the SnowDog will be back in action. And there is SO much wet heavy snow just asking to be packed up there. Backup plan: SNOWSHOE Headwaters!! The more people that snowshoe the singletrack, the better it will be for ALL trail users.

Ahh, the New Year is upon us and many are happy to be done with 2020. It did suck in many ways and more than ever it was apparent to me how fortunate our community is to have the trails on Moscow Mountain to enjoy!! Thanks to all the MAMBA organizers, members and volunteers past and present and a special thanks to the Private landowners who make it all possible.

John Wenz
MAMBA President