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MAMBA Trail BuilderMAMBA Trail Builds
Meet scheduled days, usually at 8:45am in Rosauers parking lot N Main St, Moscow. Bring lunch, snacks, sturdy footwear, work gloves, water, and energy. Tools are supplied. No experience necessary.

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RaffleAnnual MAMBAship Meeting
posted 03.20.19

Take a chance to win a SUP* & support MAMBA trail activities on Moscow Mtn in 3 easy steps:

  1. MUST BE a CURRENT MAMBA MEMBER or a Moscow Mountain landowner to WIN
  2. SUP Raffle tickets sell for $5 each or 5 for $20. Click on the link below to purchase tickets.

    Annual MAMBAship Meeting
    Wednesday, Apr 10, 2019 to start at 7pm
    1912 Center, Moscow ID

SUPBuy Raffle Tickets

*Thanks to the generosity of long-time MAMBA supporter NRS, we have a NEW Inflatable Standup Paddle Board (SUP) to raffle off to support trailwork on Moscow Mtn and encourage members to attend the Annual MAMBAship meeting. We don't know the specific model yet, but will let you know as soon as we do.


Winter Trail Grooming Update

posted 03.02.19
Pollard PackerMulti-use Groomed Track is Awesome Today. Bikers: smaller than 3" tires please don't ride the track or it will rut. 3" run lowest tire pressure--if you are rutting up, please stop and turn back. Fatter tires and low pressure are rolling awesomely!! Thanks to Matt Pollard for building our newest piece of equipment: The Pollard Packer pictured to the right in blue. Plows away some of the fresh POW and provides better packing because of the smaller platform. Andrew Pratt's idea and a game changer. Future modifications are to add a leveler and conditioner to fill in and re-create super smooth trail!

posted 02.16.19
MAMBA Groomed TrailsGroomed same loop today. Great for skiing, snowshoeing, hiking, running, biking. Trail will be soft, but more snow coming so have at it! Biking will be a little challenging. Type 2 fun if you are up for it.

posted 02.14.19
Many thanks to Andrew Pratt for making 3 laps to pack a nice ~6 mile loop. Hopefully it will freeze and the FAT bikes can get out.

posted 02.13.19
Nice packing this morning. Should be great for skiing, snowshoeing, and fat tires with low pressure. Running, hiking, and plus-size-tire bikes -- probably not ready yet.

John Wenz
MAMBA President


Winter Trail Grooming Report
posted 02.11.19

V-PlowThanks to Matt Pollard for grooming yesterday and all his work building the "V-Plow" designed to take some of the extra powder off the hardpacked trail. Still a work in progress. And the snow overnight covered most of Matt's efforts grooming to Velo Rd, down and back.

LOTS of sweet powder up there, but it doesn't compact well. Got up to Velo Rd--packed 3 times. MORE SNOW tonight. Ran into some grateful skiers. Glad folks are enjoying the packed trail. Unfortunately, it will likely be too soft for biking for a while until the snow stops and we can get it packed enough.

Don't forget to get out and snowshoe Headwaters and other trails to pack them nicely for your biking buddies.

MAMBA Groomed Trails

John Wenz
MAMBA President


MAMBA Trail Committee Meeting Feb 12th
posted 02.5.19

Are you interested in helping with trail work? Have you ever thought about how trails can be improved for safety, erosion mitigation or quality? If so, the MAMBA Trail Committee is looking for volunteers to help plan and coordinate trail work, maintain trails, and clear brush.

Join us for the 2nd MAMBA Trail Committee Meeting on Tuesday, February 12th at 7pm in the back room of Hunga Dunga Brewing Company in Moscow. We will be discussing specific projects and trail clearing opportunities to be completed this spring, as well as a development of a trail master plan for MAMBA.   

Colin Priebe
MAMBA Board Member


Latest Winter Trail Grooming Report
posted 02.03.19

MAMBA Groomed Trails

Many thanks to Andrew Pratt for grooming. Still getting some wet snow tonight (Sunday). I (John Wenz) am going to groom again Monday afternoon. But, it may take a day or so before the trail is set. PLEASE refrain from using the trail if you are leaving a deep mark (footprint or tire track). Such marks will freeze and trash the trail for you and everyone else to use in the future. Forecast is for at least a week of low temps so if we give it chance to set, should have some amazing SMOOTH track to enjoy!!

John Wenz
MAMBA President


MAMBA Sock Design Contest
posted 01.30.19

It is time MAMBA members had a way to flaunt their MAMBAship, but in a modest way. SOCKS! But what should the first piece of MAMBAwear look like besides great and foot-shaped?

MAMBA members show us your designs that will fit on a 6" height cuff.
Not a member? Join MAMBA.

The winning design will garner the designer bragging rights, local fame, and a couple pair of free socks sporting their design.

This is a Flash design contest so your idea needs to be submitted via email by 5pm Tuesday Feb 5th 2019 to: info@bikemoscow.org. Questions can be sent to the same email.

Remember you must be a MAMBA member to enter.

John Wenz
MAMBA President


Winter Trail Grooming Report
posted 01.23.19

MAMBA Groomed Trails

Groomed Trail Set. Snow VERY wet. Please stay off the trail until it freezes.

John Wenz
MAMBA President


MAMBA Business Meeting
posted 01.22.19

MAMBA Business Meeting Thursday 1/24/2019 7pm at Mikey's Gyros.


  • Annual Membership meeting planning
  • Trail Landing (new parking on Moscow Mtn Rd) dedication sign update
  • Winter grooming equipment purchase discussion

John Wenz
MAMBA President


Let's Groom Sweet Single Track
posted 01.01.19

Bikers: To create sweet single track to ride this winter, consider going out with a couple riding buddies and snowshoe your favorite trail. Shoeshoeing does a pretty good job of creating ridable singletrack. Snowshoers: Help out your biking friends by snowshoeing.

One pass down the center, one to the left, and another to the right will do some nice packing. This works especially well when it is warm out. After this freezes, the result is a nice ridable singletrack.

John Wenz
MAMBA President


E-bike Use on Moscow Mtn?
posted 01.01.19

Q: Are there rules about e-bike use on Moscow Mtn trails?

A: Currently there are no specific rules for e-bike use on Moscow Mtn trails. Ultimately, it is the decision of our gracious landowners. On first glance, e-bikes have an electric motor so they may be considered motorized. Currently, no motorized vehicle use is allowed on trails. However, MAMBA's board recognizes that there are different classes of e-bikes that provide a legal distinction between a bicycle with motors (pedal assist) and motorized vehicles that are prohibited from many trail systems. The board is in the process of putting together unbiased information that we can provide to the landowners to help them to make a more informed decision.

John Wenz
MAMBA President