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MAMBA Newsletter - Fire in the hole!
posted 10.23.07

Rock/Hard Place FireMAMBAlazers,

If you haven't heard/seen/smelt already, you should know that the clearcut area of Rock & a Hard Place is currently on fire. It looks to be a nicely controlled burn by Bennett Lumber, so nothing to get too excited/scared over. A group of us rode up to it today, October 23rd. Pretty amazing to see a fire like that going. It's a LOT less intense than I thought it would be. Anyway, unless you hate your lungs you may want to stay clear of the Rock/Hard Place for this week. I didn't inspect the bridge and future log ride on the new section of trail, so I have no idea if those caught fire or not. The last trail crew did an amazing job of clearing around them, so we can only hope they survive.

For our last trail party of the year (this weekend!!), I have so many people to thank! I got a huge response from people volunteering to lead groups. Scott and Sherrie Metlen already worked on the worst of the Switchblade corners last weekend, so Rhonda Pinto and crew are going to focus on tuning up the Headwaters trail and working on some new TTF's if there's time. Jason Abplanalp (head honcho for the many updates to Hey Noose) will be working with friends to create a bypass around the downed tree on the steeper section....and will be working on a route that goes over the tree as well. In semi-related news, Jason/crew have had their drop-trough removed three times this year. Assuming they install it again in the future (perhaps with an alternative route for those not wanting to use it?), please leave it intact.

For this weekend, I just need a few hands to help me in the Nemesis area. And if we have enough people show up, I may send a group over to Moose Marbles to rebuild some erosion bars/drainage on the lower section where some logs were skid this year. Sadly, we don't have any prizes to raffle away for this party, except for the pride in personal, sweaty accomplishment for a day's work. Meet at the Rosauers parking lot by 8:45am and we'll have a quick discussion about repairing the trail surface and proper construction of water drainage. We will then divide everyone up. Bring water/snacks and we'll provide the tools.

We still have an end-of-year party to organize, which *could* consist of a group ride and potluck meal afterwards. As in years past, Salmon River Experience has donated a super rafting prize that we will be giving away. For each day you showed up for a trail party, you get your name in the drawing. This will hopefully be some time in early November...before the snow arrives. We'll keep you posted.

(For all those who I owe a personal email response this week....I hope to reply back to everyone by Thursday.)

Dan Cordon
Jonathan Lomber


MAMBA Newsletter - Nearing the End
posted 10.18.07

MAMBA Pee-Poles,

I wanted to get this out before tomorrow's huge wind storm comes and blows me away.I've been woefully negligent of my email duties this last month. In way of report, last month we had a trail party where just the right amount of people showed up.There were just seven of us and four of the volunteers had been in Moscow for less than a month! In our pre-slave raffle, Alex Hamilton won four mountain bike passes to Brundage (for 2007 Season.... which already ended). We're going to try and have those changed for some 2008 passes for him. And "fresh-in-from-St. Louis",Lynn Myers won an Avenir bike lock from Follett's Mtn Sports. Possibly the toughest (and heaviest?) bike lock I've ever seen.

The crew started with some major brush/stick removal near some wooden structures on the new section of Rock & a Hard Place. The idea was to try and keep the log ride (unfinished) and bridge from catching fire when the hillside is burned (later this Fall?).Then there was some ground work, trimming of a canadian thistle grove and reworking one of the switchbacks. Once that was done, the group did a trimming job on the old doubletrack section of the trail. With all the rain we've had recently, the trail is starting to ride really nicely.If you haven't had a chance, go check it out. It's only about a 2.5-3 mile loop from Four Corners parking area down Rock/Hard Place and back up the Sidewinder. And there's some beautiful views off to the northwest.

Our next trail build (last one this season!!!) will be Saturday, October 27th. I'm actually hoping to get a few volunteers to lead several small teams to various locations. We have several trails that need some end-of-season maintenance to prepare them for the winter/spring. Rhonda Pinto is planning to lead one group (will probably work on Switchblade, may work on Headwaters, or may work on some TTF's in the terrain park). We also need one group to do some tuneup on Nemesis. And it would be great if we had another group to look at South Side/Moose Marbles as well (some erosion is already happening there from the recent rains). One of the groups in the neighborhood of Hey Noose can also take a saw and cut the large tree out of the steep section near the top.

I will be there, but Jim and Jonathan will probably *not* be able to make it. If you are familiar with some of these trails and are willing to lead a 2-3 person team, please let me know!

In other news:
Mike Petlovany from WSU is organizing the following ride - Join the Outdoor Recreation Center staff on October 28 for an exhilarating day learning new biking skills and enjoying the breathtaking Palouse scenery! The ORC is offering a localmountain biking activity, where participants can enhance and challenge their biking knowledge. While no experience is required,participants will need to supply their own bike,helmet, clothing, food, and water. The cost is $21 forSRC members, $26 for non-members, and registration ends October 26. For more information, please visit urec.wsu.edu.

Tina Hilding sent me a reminder about the Step It Up bike Step It Uprally (that was such a big success last Spring). Mark your calendars for the Step It Up rally10am,Saturday, November 3. This is a follow up to last spring's rally, which may have set some kind of (per capita) record.November 3rd promises to be EvenBiggerand is focused on inviting electedofficials to come and tell us how they will be leaders in the campaign to counteract global climate change.There will be a bike parade and walk starting at 10am at East City Park. People will converge at the 1912 Building for a rally at 10:30am to hear from our elected officials and candidates. There will be live music,and we will all pose for a group photograph which will be posted on the national Step It Up Web site, http://stepitup2007.org/

Dan Cordon
Jonathan Lomber


MAMBA Newsletter Version (Other Stuff)
posted 09.28.07


Yep, two newsletters in one hour. I guess I'm that kind of guy. This one is condensed for easier distribution, and made entirely of Digital Soy (for the web-lactose intolerant). For best results, drizzle some huckleberry glaze over the message before consumption.

Rob Dudley (owner of the property with Paradise Point) send me a couple great tips that I wanted to pass along.

  • One way to help reduce illegal motorized vehicle use is to take a picture. If you have a camera phone, just snap a picture of the vehicle/rider in question.
  • Hunting season is here again. A bike zipping down a trail may look a lot like an animal...especially if you haven't shaved in a while. Wearing fluorescent orange is a great idea! Wearing a large pair of antlers is a poor idea! (Okay, I added that last part) Also, with Potlatch Corp. limiting their land use, we are likely to see a lot more hunting activity on Moscow Mtn. Be aware and be safe.

There's been a new Ladder drop constructed on the Meadow Trail (between the west end of Upper Tusk and the lower end of North Contour). Jonathan already sent out a message to the usual suspects, but we want to make sure the word gets out. It is a very well built structure, but we haven't heard anything about getting permission for such a project. We absolutely can *not* be building trails/structures w/o getting landowner permission first. Asking forgiveness instead of permission does not go over well. Trust us....we've learned the hard way (cough, cough...Oval Office, cough, cough)

One last reminder....the Rock & a Hard Place work party takes place this Saturday (Sept. 29th) and will work on some of the old section of Rock & a Hard Place. Same routine as usual - meet @ Rosauers parking lot ~8:45am. Jonathan is out of town, and Jim is tied up, and my wife would rather not spend the day in the dirt....so unless you show up, I'm probably going to be clearing up the trail on my own :o)

Someone gave a well-needed haircut to North Contour. Thanks! Everyone else can now enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Dan Cordon
Jonathan Lomber


MAMBA Newsletter Version (Latah Trail Ride)
posted 09.28.07

MAMBAd weather headed our way!

***Community Biking Event - Sunday, September 30th***

I consider myself a pretty unpolitical person, but I do love this community (the Palouse Region as a whole, not just the MAMBA community....OK, I love you too). I was pretty excited when I heard Tom Lamar was running for one of the City Council positions in Moscow. Aside from being an avid biker/runner/swimmer, he is also the Big Kahuna behind the Palouse Clearwater Environmental Institute (PCEI). And he gets my stamp of approval for being a much better man than I (by orders of magnitude <grin>).

Since so many people on the MAMBA list are fairly new to the area and may not know Tom very well, I'm putting together a casual biking event to facilitate people getting to know him and for people to help show their support for him. So far, I have four events planned:

  1. The "Talk & Ride with Tom & Bride (aka: Aly)"
  2. The "Ride along - with Tom"
  3. The "Ditch your car for Tom Lamar"
  4. The "Vote for Tom - Ride Along"

Note: All four events are at the same time, same place, and with the same people. So pick your favorite (or make your own up).

This will be a mountain-bike-friendly ride that is 95% paved. Here's the skinny:

  • Sunday, September 30th (rain or shine - but may be canceled in event of tornado warnings)
  • Departing from the old Tidymans' parking lot (across the highway from the Eastside Marketplace) at 10:00 am
  • Ride east on the Latah Trail, with opportunity to chat with Tom about whatever questions you have
  • If the group is fairly quick (for mountain bikes anyway) we may continue all the way to Troy (~2 miles of gravel)
  • Planning to be back at old Tidymans' parking lot around noon

Tell your friends, family, customers, perfect strangers.....Bring your bike, helmet, water, some snacks and get to know Tom a little better. And for those of us who already know Tom, come along to show your support.

Dan Cordon


MAMBA Newsletter and Sept 29th Trail Party
posted 09.25.07


Still no significant rain, but at least it's getting cold now....I promised a reminder, so here goes: Another trail work party this Saturday (Sept. 29th) to work on some of the old section of Rock & a Hard Place. Same routine as usual - meet @ Rosauers parking lot ~8:45am so we can sign in, do the raffle, and figure out carpooling. For the raffle this time, we will have a gift certificate for four biking trips to Brundage (to be used in 2007 though!). Plus, your names get on the list for our end-of-the-year raffle for the Salmon River Experience raft trip.

Bring some water, snacks, hiking boots, gloves, and your favorite loppers if you have them. We'll supply more loppers, ground tools, and a wonder-tool for clearing up the big brush/thistle. We should be back by mid-afternoon ....maybe even just after lunch if things go quickly.

Other news:
Many have been seeing the Mama/baby moose that's been hanging out in the South Side/Moose Marbles area. She has been getting a little less timid with each visit, so be aware that she's out there, and give her some space. Don't try to pet/ride the baby...she does not like that.

We've had three sitings of a cougar in the Paradise Point area. If you crash your bike on the way to Paradise Point, don't limp/drag your bloody body up to see the view from the rocks. More seriously...if an attack seems likely, do whatever you can to look big, and fight like mad.

There's lots of cows on the Moscow Mtn Rd area. They're on Cabin Trail, Jump Trail and various other places on the south-face of the mountain around Four Corners. True, that beef is full of protein, but you probably don't want to run into 1000 lb of scared beef on the trail. Apparently the Cabin Trail bridge is capable of holding up four cows at a time....

Isaak sent us a big "thank you" for the great turnout for the first annual Bike Swap. There was somewhere ~70 people who showed up, and lots of gear was purchased/cleaned out. Since I missed it, I'll have a few big bins for next year :o)

There's been some motorized activity in areas where that's not okay. Some users were trying to pull down the gate to the Warnick's property last weekend! If you see any suspicious activity, report it to the Latah County Sheriff (dial 911 or 882-2216). If you can get an ATV/motorcycle license number that will help them out too. Usually confronting motorized use has not gone over well in the past, but use your judgment.

Lastly, I'm organizing an easy-going group ride down the Latah Trail for Sunday, Sept. 30th. We will meet at the old Tidymans' parking lot for a 10am departure. Along with just enjoying this awesome resource, this ride also serves as a "ride & chat" with Tom Lamar—who is running for one of the Moscow City Council positions this year. You'll have time to talk with Tom (or whoever you like) on the ride and will probably figure out pretty quickly why you want to vote for him. I'll send out a more official message later this week, but for now, leave that time slot open. :o)

Dan Cordon
Jonathan Lomber


MAMBA Tidbits
posted 09.17.07

Voice over: "MAMBA Watch - with anchorman (in more ways than one) Dan Cordon"

Hello MAMBA supporters/enthusiasts. "beep, beep, bada beeeee beep" This just in:

Around the time of the Moscow Mtn Madness, a shortcut trail was found that bypasses the descending and ascending switchbacks near the top of Headwaters Trail (just to the west of the South Side junction). Many have said that the switchbacks were genius and really give the trail an identity. But in all honesty, they were installed not because we thought they would be a cool addition, but because one particular property owner said "no way" to any trails crossing a 100' corner of his property. To get around their corner, we had to add the downhill switchbacks and the 8-devils (uphill switchbacks when ridden counter-clockwise). We need to respect the wishes of all the landowners and, as such, we should try to keep traffic off this bypass (okay, the moose/elk/etc. may continue to use it). We will be adding some signs at each end and hopefully this will keep down the human traffic across the private property where we aren't invited or welcome. Please help spread the word.

Cabin Trail speeds are still of concern. In particular, Sundays and holidays are the primary times where you'll find a combination of elderly (80+) and youthful (6-) hikers on their way to and from the Warnick Cabin. In respecting the landowners, we should watch our speeds at all times down Cabin Trail, but be particularly careful on Sundays and holidays.

We've received much correspondence about the signs left over after the Moscow Mtn Madness race. John Sweeney personally rode the route immediately after the race to clean up, but completely filled his trailer before covering the east-end of the race route. To our knowledge, all of the signs have been picked up and removed now, but if you happen to see any left-overs on your ride, please help out by throwing them in your pack or informing us where they are so we can get them on our next ride.

MAMBA group rides are still happening Thursday nights. The daylight is getting short, so we are now leaving from the Headwaters' parking area at 5:30pm for a quick ride. There has been interest in doing some night rides as well. If you are interested, sign up on the Yahoo! group and we can discuss more details there. If you want to see some amazing wildlife, a casual night ride offers a TON of opportunity for this.

Local biker, Kyle Thomas, is auditioning for a guest spot on the "Drop In" reality TV series (based around biking, not an island to get voted off). He is currently in the Top 3, but ***voting ends today*** and we'd love to see him on the series. To cast your vote, you need to register (valid email not even required) and pick your top three. As always, do not attempt any of these stunts seen on the audition videos as serious injury may occur....primarily from MAMBA members upset about the soil displacement.
FWIW, I was informed that the high-speed run down Cabin Trail was done on a closed course with helpers stationed all the way down the trail to make sure no people/wildlife were startled by the green streak.

We are still planning to have one more Rock & a Hard Place trail party. This will be September 29th and we will be doing some cleanup on the "old" section of trail. I'll send more details/reminder the week before.

Thank you for listening. This concludes our first episode of MAMBA Watch. I am anchorman, Dan Cordon. Until next time......

Dan Cordon
Jonathan Lomber

Subliminal visionary implant: Use your imagination to picture me riding off in to the sunset (even though it's currently 8:30 am).


More work on Latah Trail!
posted 09.12.07

Latah Trail Community,

Here we go again! Looking for any and all volunteers.

MORE is happening on the Latah Trail. If you missed last week, this is
your chance! People are needed this Saturday, Sept 15 at 9am for more hacking and chopping away at the bushes that have grown into the path. Last week, a lot got done, but the chipper broke down and another 2 or 3 hours of work is left. Chipper problems have been corrected and we can now get this trail ready for the gravel that the county has promised to spread.

Here are the details:

  • When: 9am Sept 15, 2007
  • Where: The trail near Wallen Rd and the missing bridge.
  • Bring: Gloves, saws, pruners, and loppers. Bring chainsaws if you know how to use them on trees, etc., while avoiding limbs attached to people—including your own.

Andy Grant of Latah County Parks is organizing. Please pass this along to other trail enthusiasts. Let's finish what we started last week!

Nancy Nelson


MAMBA - Cabin Trail Speeds
posted 09.12.07


One of the family members who own the Warnick Cabin sent us a nice letter of concern about the speeds some bikes were taking down the Cabin Trail while they were there over Labor Day weekend. When the Warnick family goes to the cabin, there are often some elderly folk, as well as some young children who are hiking up (and some times playing on) the trail.

We are currently brainstorming ideas of how to deal with the situation.
One thing we are all in agreement on is that we LOVE Cabin Trail and don't want to lose access to it. We will probably try some less drastic ideas first (like signage at the top of the trail?), but if the problem remains then there is talk of turning the trail in to an uphill only route for bicycles, and an alternate downhill route would be constructed elsewhere.

For now, keep your speeds in check when headed down the Cabin Trail and pass the word along to other bikers not on the MAMBA email list. It may be a little less fun at 15 mph, but it's still a *lot* more fun than not having it at all! We'll keep you posted on any new developments.

Dan Cordon
Jonathan Lomber


MAMBA Newsletter ---> Trail Party September 29th
posted 09.07.07

MAMBA Madness,

One of the things I love about MAMBA trail parties is the incredible diversity of user groups who show up to help. And they come in batches, almost as if somehow organized before hand. For our previous trail party in August, we had almost no bikers at all, yet we still managed to get almost 20 people there—not including the group of hard-working youth that Ben Clarke brought with him to finish up his Eagle Scout project.

Lisa Jennings won the Falcon Guide for Idaho. But best of all was Sarah Marhevsky, winning the four passes to bike Brundage—then giving them back to the raffle pot since she wouldn't be able to use them. So that means there's another chance to win that prize next time.

The group was split in two, with a few MAMBA folks helping Ben Clarke finish the Four Corners side of Rock & a Hard Place. Some of this group also hiked over to Sidewinder and added a berm to one of the big switchback/cutbanks. The rest of the group hiked to the beginning of the new extension that was started this year and started moving a lot of dirt! There is a bridge built and even some fresh water for your doggies to drink on the trail side. The team effort was spectacular and the result really shows. Combined with the recent rains, the trail is fantastic to ride now.

For the September 29th party, we will probably be doing some final touch-up on the original sections of Rock & a Hard Place to bring them up to the standards of the new trail. We recently spotted evidence that Bennett may be burning the clearcut area afterall, so we may spend a little time trying to protect the new bridge as well. It will be the same routine as usual—Rosauers parking lot at 8:45am. I'll send out a reminder the week before as well and should have more details on the plan/prizes.

Other news---

You may have already gotten a message Jim forwarded on, but in case a few didn't—the Latah Trail Foundation is getting together this Saturday (Sept. 8th) to do some prep work on the unpaved portion of the Latah Trail. Bring your gloves, pruners, and loppers (and for those that have them - bring your chainsaw!). They are going to meet at the parking lot along Hwy 8 one mile past Wallin Rd (where the missing bridge is) and carpool/hike back to the bridge.

Moscow Mtn Madness is happening this Sunday (Sept. 9th). There are two routes, and if you haven't looked recently, check them out at:
This year the course will start *and* end at the Pond 9 side of the mountain, so no bus/shuttle is necessary. Also, they are trying to do a lot of singletrack on the advanced route. There is some concern about how the trails will hold up to this amount of traffic in one day. Hopefully they stay together! This may serve as a useful data point for future events on the mountain.

There's been a few recent sightings of Cougar tracks in the Paradise Point area. So you may want to lay off the Tuna-aftershave for a while or at the very least stop wearing your old Daniel Boone hat over your helmet. There's been LOTS of moose sightings as well. In particular, in the Headwaters/South Side/Switchblade area and also a mama and baby near the Warnick Cabin.

Bruce at Follett's Mountain Sports informed me that they're looking for a Full Time person who can work on bikes. And the ability to talk with people and sell stuff in between is also a bonus. In fact, if we could clone Bruce and demote him a smidge...that would be great. But since the UI has only been able to clone mules..... If you're interested, do get in touch with him.

There are some additions to the "playground" between North Contour and Cave Trail. Some aren't finished yet and some may change still, so definitely give them a good looking over before deciding if you're ready or not. Some of them are pretty challenging (not "downhill" challenging, but certainly tougher than most x-country obstacles).

Don't forget about the First Annual Moscow Bike Swap happening September 15th at East City Park between 9:00am and 1:00pm.

Dan Cordon
Jonathan Lomber
Jim LaFortune


Latah Trail Party
posted 09.05.07

Latah Trail Karma,

Finally, at long last, something is happening on the Latah Trail and the mountain masters of power tools are needed. We know it's not a true trail as you relate to trails, but the people of the flatlands are trying to ride too. If you are available this Saturday, Sept. 8, at 8:45am to help prepare the 1.7 miles of unpaved trail, the county highway department will grade and spread fine gravel on it (a generous offer we want to capitalize on). People are needed to hack, prune, cut, and chop trees and bushes that have grown into the path.

Here are the details:

  • When: 8:45am Sept 8, 2007
  • Where: Parking lot along High 8 East, at the trail 1 mile west of Wallin Rd (and the missing bridge). Car pool from there to the bridge (or walk!)
  • Bring: Gloves, pruners, and loppers. Bring chainsaws if you know how to use them on trees, etc., while avoiding limbs attached to people, including your own.

Andy Grant of Latah County Parks is organizing. Please pass this along to other trail enthusiasts. Let's get something done!

Nancy Nelson


MAMBA August Newsletter and Trail Party
posted 08.23.07


Welcome back to all those who left us last summer for distant adventures. You'll be happy to know that Moscow Mtn is still here, and MAMBA is still working to keep it enjoyable.

Along those lines, we are going to have our next trail party this weekend - Saturday Aug 25th, 2007. Plan is same as usual: Meet at Rosauers parking lot at 8:45am for a 9:00am departure. Bring water, something to snack on, and some gloves if you have them. We'll provide the tools, and possibly some Clif Bars if we have any left. If there are a few people interested in an early morning work crew, Jim LaFortune and Eagle Scout Candidate Ben Clark are going to meet at 7:30am and get back to town by noon. Contact Jim if you're interested in that time frame. The rest of us will enjoy the traditional MAMBA raffle, which includes a gift certificate to Brundage for 4 passes - an $88 value! We also have another Falcon Guide for Mountain Biking Idaho, and an IMBA drink insulator.....which is slightly cooler than the IMBA sticker we gave away previously. Even if you don't win anything at this trail party, we are recording your participation and we still have the Salmon River Experience raffle, where your name goes in the pot for each trail party you attended.

The plan for Saturday is to put in a bridge, and widen a few sections. Hopefully our last few days of rain have helped compact the ankle-deep fluff we made earlier this year. Having just locked my back up, I'm not sure if I'll be able to do much, but we'll see how quickly I heal (much slower now days). Both Jonathan and Jim are also going to be in attendance though, so it's a great time to schmooze with them while I crack the whip. "Wheee-chaaaahhhh"

In other awesome news, Isaak Strout is organizing Moscow's first annual "Bike Swap". The plan is to have it at East City Park on September 15th, 2007 from 9:00am - 1:00pm. It's free for everyone - buyers, sellers, browsers, and even pets (but I don't think farm animals are allowed). So dust off your old CW Racing BMX bike, or your old freestyle mag wheels, or all your classic road bike parts and sell them so you can buy someone else's dusty parts :o) And if you have any cool (or even un-cool) ideas for the event, send them to Isaak at PCEI.

Also, IMBA is going to be doing another trail school in our area. The Spokane Fat Tire Trail Riders Club (FTTRC) will be hosting the event, which overlaps our local bike swap from 9/13/07 to 9/16/07. This event is also free, but requires pre-registration.

There hasn't been any trouble with our friend on the Moscow Mtn Rd area in several weeks. Thanks to all those who took time to file their stories with the Sheriff's office. MAMBA now owns two large magnet bars for picking up nails. If you happen to see anything strange, let us know (and take some pictures if you have a camera).

Lastly, Kalen Boland from Tamarack Resort wanted to remind everyone that there's several races happening down there in the near future. They're looking for both participants, and volunteers (who get cool prizes) for upcoming events.

See you on the trail -

Dan Cordon
Jonathan Lomber
Jim LaFortune


MAMBA Newsletter
posted 08.02.07

MAMBA bear, PAMBA bear, and BAYBA bear,

It's been an interesting couple of weeks since the last newsletter went out. The best news is, of course, our upcoming trail party. We've chosen Saturday, August 25th for our next work day (with a rain day option Sunday). While the new Rock & a Hard Place is technically finished, the trail would be a LOT better if we spent a day cleaning up a few critical spots. The first switchback on Ben Clarke's section (top of Lickity Split) is pretty hairy! I believe Ben and Jim are going to take a look at that. But there's plenty for us to do in the area of the first trail party. And there's a chance we'll be ready to install a bridge as well.

For those that remember the old Rock & a Hard Place, on the northeast end it used to connect to an old road that you could take to Donkey Hoh Tea (a quick climb to the Rock Creek Landing). Since Rock/Hard Place loops back to Four Corners, we have decided to call this section of old road (which can be taken all the way to Sand Blvd) "Alt Rock." You may ask...."why take that road at all?" And the answer, of course, is that Sand Blvd connects to many fun places. You can ride west and hit either Cave Trail or Over Easy. Or you can head east, cross Rock Creek Rd, and connect to Fruitcake / Blonde Jeans. Not sure where these are? Then come along this Thursday for our group ride! We meet at Rosauers parking lot ~5:30pm for a departure by 5:45pm.

In less enjoyable news to report, we're still having trouble with malicious behavior in the Cabin/Jump trail area. All evidence is pointing to the same person (yes, the same one who's threatening to shoot your dog if it scares his grandkids). On Saturday July 14th, somebody (not the Warnick family) put up several dozen barricades across Cabin trail and Jump trail, then spread roofing nails in several locations along Warnick Rd. Likewise a similar event happened on Saturday the 21st - however this time a few MAMBA members caught him in the act. He quickly disappeared off-trail into the woods, but the riders were able to give a dead-on description of the guy to the Latah Sheriff.

Nail in TireThen on Saturday morning of the 28th, I took a hike up Cabin/Jump trail to inspect the area, but didn't find anything. I didn't even find any roofing nails.....until today when I noticed one of my truck tires was looking a little low on air. Sure enough, there was a roofing nail in there (the kind with the large metal washers used to hold down tar paper). Scott and Sherrie Metlen were also unfortunate enough to have found nails in their trucks tires last weekend. (BTW, we owe them many thanks for cleaning up the nails on several occasions...usually by hand, not with their tires). Upon further inspection, we discovered nails on Warnick Rd in the two wide turnaround areas after Cabin Trail.

So, what do we do about it? After hearing some horrible stories about this person from a source who lives nearby, we definitely *do not* want to confront him. He packs a gun and is pretty hot under the collar. Here's a few tips we've gathered (starting with the most obvious):

  • Be cautious. Keep your eyes out for nails near parking areas, and watch/prepare for debris across the trail - especially around the Warnick Rd, Cabin/Jump trails.
  • Ride with a friend or friends.
  • Take pictures. The sheriff's office asked us to document any thing suspicious. Even if it's just your cell phone camera, snap a few shots before cleaning up the mess.
  • Inform MAMBA of what's happened. And if you don't have time to clean it up, we'll can get someone out there ASAP.
  • Report incidents to the Latah Sheriff's office. They are already building a case file and are very interested in anything you have to add. Stop by or call them at 208-882-2216.
  • Report *really* strange things immediately. There's great cell coverage on the mountain now. If you didn't program in the Latah Sheriff's office number (208-882-2216), the Sheriff says we can dial 911.
  • If you see the individual in question, just keep riding (he's not confronted anyone thus far). Get a safe distance away and call the Sheriff if you're concerned.

Just like the bygone days of tire slashing near Pond 9, I'm pretty sure these incidents will not be permanent. The more we can help, the sooner we may be able to turn this into a fading, unpleasant memory. And let's be thankful that it's just *one* person. The other neighboring landowners are all exceptional stewards of the mountain. And think of all the commercial opportunities. Bumper-mounted nail magnets, Kevlar lined biking shorts/jerseys, Brush-bars for your mountain bike.... Someone (besides the local tire dealers) could make a good deal of profit off the situation.

Yellow JacketOther general tips....The bees/wasps are in full force on the mountain. One of MAMBA's finest couples happened across a wasp nest and got 20+ stings. Keeping some Benadryl in your bike/hike pack takes little space and could be a real life saver. *Anyone* will have a reaction to that many stings. And if you return to your vehicle to find the tires full of nails....you'll want that medicine sooner than later!

And lastly, if you haven't done so in a while, visit our Contributors page. MAMBA gets a lot of support from local businesses and organizations. They deserve our support in return. The list keeps growing as donations are received.

Dan Cordon
Jonathan Lomber
Jim LaFortune


MAMBA - July 21st Trail Party Recap
posted 07.23.07


To the MAMBA members who didn't show up...you missed out on a thing of beauty. Twenty-six (that's "26" for the alpha-numerically challenged) people showed up to help knock out our Rock & a Hard Place extension. Another super thank you to Jeanne for offering up a $30 gift certificate for crumptious eats and fine drinks at the Red Door. Geoff Jensen was lucky enough to pick his own number out of the hat (was it luck, or foul play?) to take home the big prize. Then, for a *slightly* lesser prize, newcomer to the Palouse Steve Frinsko won an IMBA sticker. It may seem like a lesser prize (okay, it is) but it will still be sticky long after Geoff's dinner is just a delightful memory :o) Also, it should be noted that several people actually *paid* money to come on this adventure. And as a thanks to them, I want to remind everyone (myself included!) that the Latah Trail Foundation is still working very hard to raise funds for the project. If you haven't donated yet, (or haven't donated *enough*) then now is a great time to remedy that.

Now to the amazing news. As if having a large group wasn't cool enough, we also set a MAMBA trail building record. The record for "longest sustained time for a MAMBA fireline" had to be shattered last weekend. Our goal was to built the trail out of the clearcut by the end of the day (you know...the irrational goal I set several trail builds ago...). With amazing skill and muscle, the larger-than-normal MAMBA crew was finished that task in just 45 minutes! It then took three skilled sayers running up ahead just to keep the rest of the trail crew busy. Jim and I are still in disbelief, but believe it or not, the trail is complete! You can ride it from one end to the other. Granted, some of the first singletrack built needs to be widened, and we're still missing a bridge, but the trail should be ridable by many, with minimal hiking. Now, we just need some rain to help solidify the 3" of moon dust the trail is covered in.

No less amazing was Kathie LaFortune's post trail party meal. I fully expect that once the word gets out, next years catered trail party will have over 100 attendees. The food was *that* good. We ate fresh apricots, and deli sandwiches with wasabi strong enough to clean your sinuses until next spring. And those that missed will never know the secret ingredient in the cookies. Yep, you'll be forced to eat grapes and nuts for snacks, while the rest of us experiment with the secret ingredient in our own cookies!

The west end of the trail is still in the original location. Take either Lickity Split or Sidewinder to the Dyer Meadow (red gate north of Four Corners). To the east just before the gate/fence you will see some grown in doubletrack that marks the west end of the trail. The east end of the trail begins near the Four Corners parking area (1/4 mile east of the actual Four Corners). Take Lickity Split (right-most trail) for about 50 yards. Look for the entrance to Rock & a Hard Place on your right just before Lickity Split starts to head downhill. The rest of the trail is pretty well defined (stay on the narrow, brown flat section through the green hillside of thistle). Expect to hike-a-bike in at least three sections (across the non-existing-bridge, around the huge downed tree, and at the edge of the clearcut where the trail drops (or climbs) between singletrack and doubletrack.

If you are now suffering post-trail-party depression, don't worry. There will be more. We're tentatively planning our next outing for either August 18th or the 25th. Once we've firmed up the date, plan, and prizes we will put the word out.

Thanks again to all the volunteers. We've got your names on our master list. For each day you showed up you will get your name in the hat for a chance to win the Salmon River Experience trip that will be raffled off at the end of the season. And when you're trying to pick a friend to take along....just remember who it is that sends you all this MAMBA email (that's me, not Jim...he already has a raft).

Dan Cordon
Jonathan Lomber
Jim LaFortune


Moscow Mtn Updates
posted 07.20.07

MAMBA kids,

Meet at Rosauers parking lot on North Main in Moscow by 8:45am Saturday, July 21 MAMBA Trail Party. We will give away a gift certificate to one lucky volunteer for $30 of fabulous nourishment at The Red Door restaurant. Bring lots of water and snacks to keep you swingin' until 1:30-2pm, when Kathie LaFortune will serve an on-site deli lunch.

Moscow Mtn access point updates:

1) Roofing nails were found the weekend of July 14-15 in the turnout/parking areas near the gates along the right (east) side of Warnick Rd. I'm unclear on whether or not the nails (which have a washer on them to make sure they are pointing upward) have also been found at the parking turnout near the bottom of Cabin Trail. Be sure to check any parking areas along Warnick Rd (and just to be safe, on Moscow Mtn Rd too) before you pull in! Also watch out for your dog's paws, if you ride with a canine companion. MAMBA members have notified the Latah County Sheriff Department, the Warnick family, the Latah County roads department and Bennett Lumber about the situation. We will keep you informed.

2) Logs, branches and other debris were placed across the Cabin Trail and Jump Trail during the July 14-15 weekend. Dan Cordon and Paul Warnick removed the debris, but please keep your eyes and ears open. It's likely, of course, that the same person(s) who put the roofing nails in the parking areas also attempted to block the trail. In case you are wondering, Cabin Trail is on property owned by the Warnick Family and Jump Trail is on Bennett land. We have permission from both landowners for responsible use by mountain bikes and foot traffic on those trails. If you see anything suspicious, make note of a vehicle license, if appropriate, and please contact Jonathan Lomber, Dan Cordon , Jim LaFortune, or the Latah County Sheriff (they have told us that it's ok to call 9-1-1 if you need to report criminal activity, or you can call the sheriff's non-emergency number, 208-882-2216). Again, try to memorize a description of the person or the vehicle license number if you see someone involved in these illegal activities, but do not confront the person.

3) There is active logging on Moscow Mtn Rd approximately 1/2 mile before you get to Four Corners. You can generally pass through safely on a bike or in a vehicle, but you might have to wait a while if they are loading a truck. The logging is being done by a contractor and the land belongs to a non-commercial, private landowner (i.e. it is not owned by a lumber company). Please be polite to the logging contractor and do your best to stay safely out of the way.

4) It's fire season. If you find a smoldering lightning strike or an abandoned campfire that is still hot, do what you can to put it out without endangering yourself. Then, if there is any chance of it spreading, call the county sheriff as soon as possible.

Thanks for all your support in keeping Moscow Mtn a great place to recreate!

Jim LaFortune


July 21 MAMBA trail Par-tay!
posted 07.13.07

Dear MAMBoisterous trail buiders,

Jim and Kathie LaFortuneSaturday, July 21, 2007 will be MAMBA's annual "almost-free-lunch" trail party. Basically, after the work is done (around 1:30-2pm), my wife Kathie and I will host a deli-lunch right there on-site, in a nice shady spot, for all trail party volunteers. Ice cold refreshments (legal for all ages) will be included.

Meet at Rosauers parking lot on North Main in Moscow by 8:45am. Bring friends; no experience necessary! One lucky volunteer will win a gift certificate to the Red Door Restaurant.

We'll leave Rosauers as close to 9am as possible to carpool to the work site. We'll be continuing work on the rapturous (stand back! I have a Thesaurus, but I don't know how to use it!) trail called Rock & a Hard Place, just east of Four Corners.

Please bring lots of water, snacks to sustain you until 1:30-2pm, a shade hat and sturdy work shoes. MAMBA has plenty of tools, thanks to grants written by our very own co-president, Jonathan Lomber.

By the way, in case you are looking for delicious food, the Red Door (and all MAMBA's sponsors) appreciate your business, especially during the slower summer months. The restaurant staff will be on vacation during the first two weeks of August, so the business will be closed during that time, but pedal on down and enjoy an excellent bar and/or dining experience soon.

We hope to enjoy your sweaty company on Saturday, July 21, then chow some free lunch!

Jim and Kathie LaFortune

P.S. If you are looking for new-to-you trails on Moscow Mtn, check out the directions at on our Web site for the following fun routes. MAMBA volunteers Tom Drake and Jim LaFortune cleared the fallen trees from the singletrack recently, so go ride 'em, cowgirls and boys.

Near the old East Moscow Mtn lookout; the singletrack portion, starting at the lookout, is in great shape. But don't try to ride the remaining doubletrack part of the loop, as it is currently being logged. Instead, where the singletrack dumps onto the old road grade (approx 1 mile after leaving E Moscow Mtn), turn right on the overgrown doubletrack and pedal back to Moscow Mtn Rd. Also, check out Cedars Trail while you are in the area.

Over Easy
In my sometimes-humble opinion, this swoopy, fast 5 mile loop is best ridden counter-clockwise. Again, see the MAMBA Web site for details. It is a bit of an uphill haul to pedal back to Four Corners, so bring more water than you thought and have plenty of time available. Enjoy racing through the green tunnel!

Dan Cordon
Jonathan Lomber


June 30 Trail party wrap up
posted 06.30.07

To all MAMBAmboozlers,

Special thanks to the 16 burly dirt slingers and stick tossers who contributed their priceless free time on June 30 to help build more singletrack at the trail called Rock & a Hard Place, on Moscow Mtn. The volunteers included four teenagers who gave up their Saturday morning sleep time <gasp!>.

Trail BuildingOur intrepid volunteers completed the chainsaw work and stick tossing through the clearcut. Less than 100 yards of tread construction remain in order to finish the clearcut section of the trail. I predict it will take two more days to complete the singletrack through the clearcut, build the trail through the forested section, and wrap up a few details like the bridge and the big switchback.

Before I forget, another big thank-you to Northwest River Supplies for donating the schwag for this outing.If you enjoy river paddling or sea kayaking, check out www.nrsweb.com, or drool on the goodies in their showroom on South Main Street in Moscow.

By the way, one of our teen volunteers, Carli Trail, won the sweet Chaco belt from NRS, andBill Dickerson snagged the cool NRS duffel bag thang. Yes, I got skunked again. Guess I'll have to show up next time for another chance to be a winner. Speaking of which, the "next time" is Saturday, July 21, 2007.

Mountain BikingYes, July 21 will be MAMBA's annual "Yes-Virginia-there-is-such-thing-as-a-FREE-lunch" trail party. Basically, after the work is done (around 1:30-2pm), my wife Kathie will host a deli-lunch right there on-site, in a nice shady spot, for all trail party workers.

Also remember that your name will be entered into the end-of-season grand prize drawing once for EVERY day you do trail work. The prize is a full-day raft trip for two people. This generous gift to MAMBA comes from Salmon River Experience, whose owner lives right here in Moscow. Or, when the temperature hits 100 degress in Moscow next week, call them to book your own splashy adventure, 800 892-9223, www.salmonriverexperience.com.

Last reminder: please, please, please avoid active logging areas. Our future permission to use the private land on Moscow Mtn (and it's ALL private) depends on us staying away from logging sites while they are working.

Let's "do" lunch July 21,

Jim LaFortune

P.S. I am hoping to pedal an epic (4-5 hour) ride this summer in the Marble Creek area, which is near Grandmother Mt, about a 1 1/2 hour drive east of Moscow. Send me an email if you might be interested. The potential date would be July 10, 11, or 12 (all weekdays), or sometime in August. The trip could also include one or two people who want to do a shorter ride (or hike) and would be willing to drive the shuttle vehicle. Optional post-ride swim in Marble Creek...woo-hoo!


Saturday, June 30 Trail Par-tay!
posted 06.26.07

Hello MAMBA-lings,

Trail BuildingDelectable hand-crafted singletrack. Sound yummy?

Help out Saturday with this summer's big hulabaloo on Moscow Mtn; the singletrack continuation of Rock & a Hard Place!


Meet at Rosauers parking lot on North Main Street in Moscow.


8:45am, this Saturday, June 30, 2007. Volunteer incentive prizes will be given out asap after 8:45am, and we'll try to carpool/depart by 9am to the work site (Rock Cr Rd, just east of Four Corners). Rain date is Sunday, July 1, same times.

Trail BuildingWhy?

Because if you're receiving this email, you probably love trails. And because you'll learn where the best trails are. And because you'll meet cool people. And because if you use the trails, it's catenacious (I think I just made up that word;I hope it doesn't mean something nasty!) to give at least one day per year to build 'em. And because volunteering to build trails is a better strength training than pumping iron at the gym.And because you could win a sweet bit 'o schwag or even the grand prize; a raft trip for two, donated by Salmon River Experience.

What to bring?

Water, lunch, sunscreen, cell phoney, sturdy work shoes, chocolate. MAMBA has plenty of tools, though if you have a sweet-running chainsaw that you can operate, please bring it.


Everyone is welcome, especially if you've never worked on trails before. There is plenty to do for all fitness and knowledge levels. If you work too hard at your regular job and need a brainless stress-reliever, try tossing sticks for a few hours (it's much cheaper than therapy).

We hope to see you this Saturday, June 30. Be there or be trail-less...

Jim LaFortune


MAMBA News: Group Rides and Trail Parties - Oh My!
posted 06.22.07

MAMBA groupies,

Mountain BikingIt seems odd sending out a message recapping the group ride since I swear 90% of the list members were actually there! Okay, maybe not quite that many. But we did have a solid 15 people (and two dogs) show up for last nights group ride (the NRS bike crew came along with us this time, which was a blast).It looked like there were more bikes than cars in the Rosauers parking lot. We ended up losing one biker early on due to a mechanical problem, and three more had to head back early since the ride was running late. But eleven bikers (and the two dogs) all made it back with just a few tumbles in the dirt. We rode: Cabin Trail --> Jump Trail --> Nemesis / Moscow Mtn Rd --> Cedar Trail --> Blonde Jeans --> Nemesis --> Jump Trail --> Cabin Trail. All told it was ~9 miles and we were back to the cars before 8:30pm. In the future, we should try to get back a little sooner and save some longer rides for a weekend group excursion.

I will be out of town the next two weeks, but everyone was super ecstatic about maintaining the rides. So the plan is to keep meeting at Rosauers ~5:30pm each Thursday, then picking a ride that suits the group that day. There was also interest in grabbing some food after the rides in the future. San Miguel's was mentioned as a great post-ride eatery. Trail BuildingNaturally the Red Door would offer fantastic food, but I worry that a bunch of smelly, Lycra-clad bodies would really ruin the otherwise perfect atmosphere over there :o) So if you're interested, bring your wallet and grab some grub while gabbing about the group grind.

One last reminder about the upcoming trail parties—Ben Clark will be leading his Eagle Scout project *this* Saturday, June 23 (9:00am at the LDS Church parking lot on Blaine past Tidymans). And the following Saturday (June 30th) MAMBA will also be having a trail party meeting at Rosauers ~8:45am. Prizes for June 30th trail build include a Go Bag from our friends at NRS (perfect for transporting all your bike gear) and a Chaco belt from their rep.

Have fun, build/ride lots of trail, and I look forward to many more group adventures when I get back-

Dan Cordon
Jonathan Lomber


MAMBA News: Ben Clark Eagle Project June 23rd
posted 06.20.07

MAMBA members,

I received word from Ben Clark that he will be starting his Eagle Scout project *this* Saturday, June 23rd. They will be working on the Four Corners end of our new Rock & a Hard Place extension and could certainly use any available hands to help them out. They will be meeting at the LDS Church parking lot (on Blaine St. just past the old Tidyman's location) at 9:00am.

At this point, we are still planning to have our regular MAMBA trail party the following week (June 30th). Depending on how much progress is made this Saturday, there may be another Eagle Scout project day as well.

And since I prefer to give less than 24 hours notice before group rides, here's one last reminder that there will be TWO opportunities (for some genders anyway) for group rides tomorrow (Thursday, June 21). Both groups will be meeting at the Rosauers parking lot around 5:30pm for a 5:45pm *sharp* departure. I know of at least one female biker that's coming from 30+ minutes away just to get in on this, and I'm still trying to convince the females in my household to go as well. I will definitely be there for the ride, unless I'm in the ER.

Dan Cordon
Jonathan Lomber


MAMBA June News: Found Dog, Looking for Owner, Group Rides
posted 06.16.07

MAMBA folks,

Mark Solomon just contacted me and let me know that there is a very friendly, large, brown, short-haired, floppy ear/jowls at his place on the mountain. It appears to be either hungry, or naturally skinny. Mark already fed it his whole "emergency-lost-dog-food" stash, and he looks to be hungry still (Jeanne, bring home everyone's leftovers <grin>). And there's one porcupine quill in his nose.

Mountain BikingIn other news, the group ride yesterday was a SMASHING success. There as a huge turnout.....for the after-work NRS ride. Sadly, our MAMBA ride only had three people show up. And even sadder was the women's ride, which only had one - Aly. Lucky for us, Aly let us tag along for a great ride. I figure that my 1-day notice probably wasn't adequate, so now you have 6 (well, 5.5 really) for the next group ride. We'll be meeting at Rosauers next Thursday ~5:30pm, and will be departing **promptly** at 5:45pm, so make sure you're there before then.

Dan Cordon
Jonathan Lomber


MAMBA Trail Build Summary, Group Rides, and Future Dates
posted 06.13.07

MAMBAggie pants,

Trail BuildingLast Saturday we had another trail party to work on looping Rock & a Hard Place back to Four Corners. We had an OK turnout (14 very hard workers). But my memory was not as good as I remember it being. The goal of "getting out of the clearcut" would have probably taken 30 people; but hey—I guess I'm an optimist. Shane Duff went home with the NRS-supplied Dura Soft Cooler (Jim was really wanting that one, so make sure you keep it hidden), and Ben Clark (our soon-to-be Eagle Scout) won the Chaco belt (new place to hang merit badges?, emergency turnaquite? easier to tighten/adjust than a Sheepshank?....) We did get new trail complete all the way up the rocky spine, and made a lot of progress clearing brush and putting in trail towards the end of the clearing. But we're going to need at least one more good work day to get out of the clearing. And the trail we build is totally gorgeous. A nice wide, outsloped well tamped trail bed. We'll have to touch up the previous section just to keep it from looking out of place. The rain we got the last few days is great for helping solidify the new trail bed too.

Next trail build dates:

  • June 30th (Ben Clark is organizing this for his Eagle Scout project)
  • July 21st (we will be working with Unitarian auction winners—and we will receive "special treats" from Kathie LaFortune afterwards)
  • August some time . . .

I got confirmation from Aly Lamar and the Women's Group Rides start this Thursday, June 14, 2007. Meet at Rosauers parking lot at 5:30 pm.

When I queried the attendees at the trail party, there was also a unanimous decision to have a "Men/Male" group ride as well. The rule is: only those who have the words "men" or "male"appearing somewhere in their gender name will be allowed. Mountain BikingAnd to further complicate things, they also unanimously decided that they wanted to meet at Rosauers on Thursdays at 5:30 pm. Women/Females (fitting in to the rules) are welcome, and it may be a nice fall back for those rare occasions where not enough ladies show up for the women-only ride.

The two groups should/will coordinate so we don't end up doing the same trail at the same time. But that we might try to cross paths along the ride so we can each badger one another about how "our group is having more fun than your group!" And so the newbies can fall over while trying to get out of their clipless pedals in front of a much larger group.

There are few rules for the group rides, but just so people's expectations are on the same page: These are social rides, not races.We assess the skill/interest of everyone that shows up, and pick our route based on what works for everyone. We go at the pace of the slowest rider(I made this rule for me). We do this by picking "meeting points" along the way so we can periodically re-group. The idea is to showcase many of the trails that are less familiar for people than Headwaters, and help people find riding partners. ***Warning - Jonathan and I met at this kind of group ride when we were only casual MAMBA trail-build attendees. Our fate could happen to you too.....***

So if you're a person with a bike, Rosauers this Thursday, June 14, 2007 @ 5:30 pm is the place to be. See you there-

Lastly, Mark Solomon reminded us that there's still a lot of active logging going on the Troy side of Moscow Mtn Rd. So if you were planning to ride Wonderdog, be aware that you may have to double back if you encounter activity in that area. I haven't been out that direction in a while, but I will update you when I know more.

Dan Cordon
Jonathan Lomber


Next Trail Build Party June 9, 2007
posted 06.07.07


Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep, Beeeeeeeeeep, Beeeeeeep. This is a message of the Emergency Email Blast System.The Eagle Scout project will *not* be happening with our MAMBA trail party this weekend. But we will still be having our trail party, and our goal is to try to get trail cleared andbuild to where it exits the clearcut area. Trail BuildingOnce we're out of the clearing we will make a lot more progress. And Saturday looks like the perfect day to get through it all. Should be cool and slightly overcast. Bring plenty of hydration. We will have a few boxes from Clif Bar for snacks, but you can bring a bigger lunch if you like too.

On June 9th, we'll meet at Rosauers parking lot by 8:45am and give a small introduction on what tools we'll be using and how to work in a fireline safely. We will be raffling off two items - the Dura Soft Cooler ($30 value) from Todd at NRS and a Chaco belt ($14 value) that we also got through NRS. So at least one lucky participant will have a way to keep their pants on, while another will be able to enjoy some cold beverages after their rides.

Mountain BikingIn other news, Aly Lamar (FKA: Aly Bean to those who rode with her in previous years) is going to start up the weekly women's rides again. They will be Thursday evenings leaving Rosauers at 5:30 pm.If you didn't hear about these in the past, then I'm glad you finally moved out of that cave you must have been living in.Aly organized the Ladies Mountain Bike Clinics of yore. Ladies, these rides are so good that many a man had tried to dawn a kilt and wig just to sneak in on the rides (PS: It doesn't fool anyone). If it's like previous years, the rides are all-levels welcome. Trails will be picked epending on who shows up and where everyone wants to ride. The first tentative date is June 14th, but I will confirm this in the next MAMBA email.

Also, Nick Fuller is gung-ho about having a MAMBA raft trip - maybe in the late July, early August time frame. So for all the pedaler/paddlers out there (look for the bikers with sexy legs *and* arms) you can discuss this further on the Yahoo! groups. See the "Mambaship" page on our site for directions on subscribing.

Speaking of the Yahoo group, we are currently beta testing a discussion forum for the MAMBA web site, so once we have that up and running, we can decide if we want to abandon the Yahoo group or not. I'll let you know when the new forums are ready for action.

See you there-

Dan Cordon
Jonathan Lomber


Next Trail Build Party June 9, 2007
posted 06.02.07

MAMBAoys and MAMBAirls,

Trail BuildingWe've got a whole summer of fun planned already. While I hope we can get out and have some more MAMBA group rides, what I do know is that there's opportunity for some MAMBA trail days ahead.The plan looks like this, so mark your calendars:
June 9th
June 30th
July 21st
August ___

For recap, on May 19th a small-but-strong group of dedicated bike enthusiasts and some Boy/Cub scouts and family descended on the soon-to-be continuation of Rock & a Hard Place. Phil Cook won the raffle for the free bike tuneup from Follett's Mountain Sports, and Jen Farley won the Falcon Guide for Mountain Biking Idaho. The northeast end of the new section is coming along very nicely, with about 1/2 mile worth of new trail built - mostly ridable (although pretty technical still). I was working with first-time sawyer Matt Morra, so as far as I know, the trail just magically happened behind me (although the local increase in pain reliever sales may indicate otherwise).

Trail BuildingFor June 9th we'll have a similar format as before. Along with our regular trail crew, we'll be hosting an Eagle Scout project, so we really need all the hands we can get this time. If we have enough turnout we hope to start a group of saws on each end of the unbuilt section, while having the rest of the group working with ground tools to continue the trail bed. The *good* news is that we're more than 1/2 way through with the "new" trailbed work. In another 1/4 mile, the trail heads out of the clearcut and drops on to a skid road, so there shouldn't be any significant ground work necessary there at all. There are still two short sections (100 yards each?) of trail bed work after that point though, but the soil should be a lot nicer to work with than what we had last time.

So come on our and join us for the party of the month! Same routine as normal - meet at Rosauers on June 9th at 8:45am for signup, details, and our famous raffle. This time we'll be giving away a Dura Soft Cooler that we got from Todd Benson at NRS, and a sweet belt from the local Chaco rep. There is no rain-day on the 10th, so unless there's a tornado warning, we'll be making trail. See you there-

Dan Cordon
Jonathan Lomber


Trail Build Party Reminder for May 19, 2007
posted 05.18.07

MAMBA girls and boys,

As promised, I am sending out a quick reminder about the trail party happening tomorrow morning, May 19, 2007. For those new to the email list, you can see past announcements on the MAMBA Web site http://www.bikemoscow.org). Meet at Rosauers parking lot by 8:45am for introductions and raffle items brought to us by Follett's Mountain Sports (free bike tune-up worth $45 -you know you need this!) and a Falcon Guide for Mountain Biking Idaho which was given to me by Jonathan Lomber, who had it given to him by Jim LaFortune, who got it from.....???? I'll have to figure that out later, but either way,it has lots of great trail maps, including our own "Trail formerly known as 'Sand'" and a sweet image of our own Marci Stephens. Also, we got our annual donation from Clif Bar, so we'll have a few boxes to munch on as trail snacks at each of our trail parties this year.

Now, you may be looking at the weather forecast and thinking "Why would I do a MAMBA trail party tomorrow? Maybe I'll do one later this summer...." Which is why I created . . . . .


5) It's just your wedding anniversary. He/She will understand, and you can always celebrate extra hard at next year's 26th anniversary.

4) The slight added moisture will make soil conditions perfect for stable compaction of the new trail bed.

3) You won't have to harbor feelings of guilt for not having participated on a trail crew in the last decade.

2) The last trail build was blazingly hot....the extra cloud coverage and occasional sprinkle will be welcome.

1) Some people actually pay money for the opportunity to build trail with us, and just for you (and you, and you, and...) it's free tomorrow. All we ask of you is the donation of your aching body in exchange for the monetary gain of new singletrack - aka: "The Greater Good."

In less fun news, we're looking for a lost helmet. It is a white Giro women's helmet that was at the Headwaters parking area about a week ago. It got picked up by someone pretty quickly, so if you have it - contact the owner. If you insist on keeping the helmet because you love the way it fits you so perfectly then you should know that the owner may suffer from a rare, highly contagious regressive scalp condition that may eventually lead to premature male pattern baldness. (Thisway, if a guy has it, it will *definitely* get returned). And no jokes about my ever-forming bald spot....I don't have the helmet, it's just unfortunategenetics.

In WAY fun news, after reading about my troubles collecting raffle items Todd Benson at NRS (Northwest River Supplies) got in touch with me and said "Get over here and pick up some cool things!" These will be raffled off at future trail parties, but aside from their Dura Soft Coolers (perfect for that after-ride beverage), he also hooked us up with a not-yet-available Go-Bag prototype (will fit all your biking gear and keep it clean/dry) and a couple belts from the Chaco rep (made from the same strap as their footwear). Todd, you made my day/week.

lizard/reptileLastly, while re-flagging a small section this week, Jim and I found evidence of global warming. A larger-than-normal lizard/reptile of a variety we hadn't seen before went zipping across the road in front of us. It looked a lot like the one in this image, but maybe a little smaller. If they keep growing, we may start to have problems with declining moose populations on the mountain. <grin>

Hope to see you tomorrow - and don't forget to bring your "special thing" (wink, wink).

Dan Cordon
Jonathan Lomber


Trail Build Party for May 19, 2007
posted 05.15.07


Once again, the various announcements have been piling up, so this email will have lots of tidbits in it. But the *most* important is the reminder that there is a MAMBA trail build party this Saturday morning, May 19th, where we will be working on the continuation of Rock & a Hard Place. We will be doing ground work this week, with only one sawyer and a stick tosser (or two if can can afford it) running up ahead. Jime LaFortuneThe goal is to have a completely ridable trail bed up to the point where we stop for the day (probably ~1:30-3:00pm). Ya, we'll still be missing a bridge, but the trail bed is probably the grunt of the work and the last crew got us a pretty good start.

Routine will be similar as before. We will meet at Rosauers parking lot (usually the southeast corner) at 8:45 am and have some informal introductions ("Hi, I'm Dan. I am a short, plump, and balding MWM who likes biking, strolls on the beach, and alternative rock.....") and our famous raffle before carpooling/caravaning to our work point above Rock & a Hard Place. I will have a truck full of ground tools, but you will want to bring: water, snacks, sunscreen, gloves, and shoes/socks that can get pretty grubby.

The raffle items for this party are:

  • A free bike tune-up ($45 value) from Bruce and all our friends at Follett's Mountain Sports.
  • A Falcon Guide for Mountain Biking Idaho that Jim LaFortune donated for the raffle.

Unless something changes, this may be our last party raffle. It was a sad day visiting many of our past sponsors and hearing about how rough this last year has been. If raffles are extremely important to you, let me know and I'll see what I can do about it. Also, if some of our local businesses would like some additional publicity through the MAMBA emails and through our Web site "Contributors" page then DEFINITELY let us know. We'll do raffles (and support our supporters) so long as there are items to be won!

I spoke with John Crock from Hyperspud Sports today and was pleased to discover that the 10% Tuesday program they offered to us will be bringing in about $100 big ones for MAMBA . So super thanks to John, and all of the MAMBA folks who visited the store that day. Personally, I have to recommend to anyone who likes hot eats to try the line of "Ass Kickin" products they brought in. Ya, each serving hurts twice.....and I really don't want to elaborate much more than that.

In other news, the gate at the bottom of Moscow Mtn Rd. is open now. So you can drive up the first nasty bit of rocks/washboards and park on the right side of the flat area. Or, if you are feeling like a lazy bone, you can drive all the way up to Four Corners. If you're doing the latter, please park your vehicles in our designated parking area about 1/4 mile east of Four Corners. It's on the right hand side where Rock Creek Rd intersects Foothill Rd. Whatever you do, don't park in front of either gate up there. Authorized vehicles need to get in/out of there, and we certainly don't want to make them unhappy with us.

I've received word that Dan W. has been leaving fliers on parked cars with information on how the Moscow Mtn Alliance is recording your activity. I'm sure he'll see soon enough that vehicles with bike racks on them are his friends, but for now lets just try not to let it bother us too much. Be sure to recycle (or re-use) the paper from the flier. Maybe one of us will have time to put a recycle bin on the entrance board so we can put the fliers in there for Dan to re-use?

Kelly Maer informed me that there is a Kids Safety Fair coming up on June 2nd. It will be at the Hamilton Indoor Recreation Center from 9am-2pm. They are still needing at least one more volunteer to help with the helmet fitting and bike rodeo safety training. Truly this deed sounds like a great fit for a mountain biker! If you can help, contact Helen Brown.

Ike Andrews sent me a fantastic update on the Asotin Creek trail. It's got directions and parking tips as well. It's too long for this newsletter, but we have posted it to the Web site under the "Asotin Creek" trail section of "Hog Heaven Updates" link on the Trails page. It sounds like there's been a lot of work going on over there.

And since we're talking about Lewiston rides, Sean Ellis (from B&L in Pullman) will be leading a group ride from his house on June 3rd. Here's his message:


I will be leading a group ride from my house in Lewiston on June 3rd, 2007. Email for directions and more info. This is a fairly challenging ride. Distance is about 50 miles, about 7000 feet of climbing. There is one section that I've come to call the wall, where it's a 16% grade for about a mile. When it levels out to 12% it feels like such a relief! I'm planning on starting the ride at 9:30 AM and serve a pancake breakfast before the ride beginning at 8:00 AM.

When I do this ride alone and ride hard, I can do it in about 5 hours. In a group atmosphere, it will probably take longer. There is a nice spot, next to a lake with picnic tables where we can stop and eat lunch. There are some screaming fast downhills, in which I've approached 50 mph on my mountain bike. Oh and this is a mountain bike ride even though we will be riding dirt and gravel roads most of the time.

Sean Ellis
(from B&L in Pullman)

Lastly, put June 9th on your calendar too. That will be the next MAMBA trail party. Don't worry, I'll send *lots* of reminders between now and then. Hope to see you this weekend!

Dan Cordon
Jonathan Lomber


Trail Party Summary for April 28, 2007
posted 04.30.07


Before I forget, make sure you visit Hyperspud Sports tomorrow (Tuesday, May 1) and purchase lots of good stuff. Hyperspud Sports is giving 10% of their sales from May 1 to MAMBA, so lets make sure they get at least 2.5 million...that will give MAMBA enough to make an offer on the Paradise Point property.

We had quite a scare on Saturday. By the time 8:45 am came around, there were only four people ready to go. But luck came our way and another eight showed up. All told, we had 12 workers (and about 1/2 were from the downhill group!). Ben Schepper took home the prize for 10 free spin classes from the North Idaho Athletic Club (and we gave him all sorts of grief about what a Downhiller should do in a spin class - but he also road bikes so it's all good). And I was the proud winner of the Fox T-shirt from Follett's (Bruce, I could be wearing a pink jersey if you weren't so insistent on the Fox T).

The crew made great progress on the new section of trail slated to be completed this summer which will extend the existing Rock & a Hard Place trail back to Lickity Split. In places, the brush was nearly 3' deep, with the average stick being about 15' long (with standard deviation being about 5', but with much more of a chi distribution than a traditional bell curve). Translation: We threw a LOT of sticks and progress was pretty slow. I took my own advice and wore long pants, but few people (myself included) brought long sleeve shirts. That's okay though....the skin will eventually grow back. Another lesson I learned: Without trees, there's a lot of sun out there. Maybe next time I'll bring some sunscreen too.

The new section of trail is about 1/2 cleared now. And we were able to scratch in a pretty good line of where the trail bed will be too. To check it out (best on foot, not on bike), ride Rock & a Hard Place from the Dyer Meadow eastward. Where the trail used to end (dropping you onto an old logging road), you'll see a nice switchback to the right. The trail is hikable for about 1/2 mile allowing you to get up to the sweet rock ridge and check it out.

We're planning our next trail party for May 19th—probably rain or shine since Jonathan and I are already booked for the 20th. I'll send a reminder email in advance as well. We'll probably focus on trail bed work this time and just send one sawyer and one tosser up ahead to clear the brush. This means lots of Pulaski and McCleod work.

Dan Cordon
Jonathan Lomber


Super Trail Party Saturday, April 28, 2007!
posted 04.27.07


I promised a reminder, so here it goes: In case you *forgot* to mark your calenders when you got the last email—we're having a MAMBA trail party this Saturday, April 28th. Same routine as last year. Meet in the Rosauers parking lot by 8:45 am and we'll introduce people, give a quick safety debriefing, get signed in, and have a raffle. We'll be hiking through some serious brush on this trail build, so dress accordingly. There's going to be LOTS of sticks that we'll be throwing out of the way. We'll take care of the tools and Red Bull, but you'll want gloves and leg protection (pants) of some sort.

And what a raffle we have this time!

  • Joe Wagenbrenner gave us a tip about Amy Paul—owner of the
    North Idaho Athletic Club in downtown Moscow. Amy was totally awesome and is going to be hooking us up with several spin class coupons. Each coupon is good for 10 visits to the club for spinning classes ($40 value). Classes are offered all times of the day, but if you want Amy as your instructor, you'd better get up early. Her sections start at 5:45 am!! And in related news, there's rumor that Joe W. is also going to be a spinning instructor there pretty soon. So do your lungs/heart a favor and add spinning to your biking regime.

  • Bruce at Follett's also hooked us up with some great stuff. For this weekend's party, we'll be raffling off a Fox t-shirt ($20 value) that Follett's donated. And it's sized XL so it will fit most of us, and the rest can wear it for PJ's. I was going to go for the pink jersey, but Bruce talked me out of it.

Also, MAMBA is looking for a volunteer to help solicit donations for raffle's this season. Don Elger took on that roll last year and did a fantastic job, but is already pretty tied up this season. If you're interested in taking on this responsibility, let us know and we can fill you in on some of the details.

On the subject of spinning—Chuck Schoeffler (MAMBA member and record attendance at group rides) has been doing spinning classes at the U of I SRC. For the summer he'll be doing Mon-Wed classes at 5:30 pm.

Speaking of prizes.....

John from Hyperspud Sports has offered MAMBA a super Jimmy-La special. Put this date on your calender for sure. On Tuesday, May 1st, 10% of anything you (or anyone really) buy at Hyperspud Sports is going to be donated to MAMBA. So, if there's a $350 tent you've had your eye on, make sure to buy it this Tuesday. I'll send a reminder on Monday as well. In fact, someone should send me a reminder on Sunday..... In fact, if you buy ten $350 tents, my quick mental math estimates that MAMBA will probably get between $300 and $400. And they make great wedding presents in case you forgot to get one for Tom and Aly last week (hint-hint).

Some less fun news—there's a new owner of the house at the base/corner on Moscow Mtn Rd (Dan Worsham). It's unsure what our long-term relationship will be, but initial feedback tells us that it may take a while for him to open up to the idea that bikers/hikers are good people to have on the mountain. For now, you should know that he's pretty big on private property being private. Once the gate is open (May 14th) and people are parking on the flat area just up the road then things may get better. For the time being, be as respectful as you can. Keep yourself and your riding companions (wheeled and 4-legged) away from his place. If you see him, wave and be polite. If you have a conversation with him, be sure to mention that we actively keep our eyes out and report illegal activity (motorized anywhere but the main road, target shooting, people shooting, etc.). Once he understands that we are good stewards of the mountain we'll probably have a much better relationship.

Along those same lines, Randy Fife sent Brett Bennett a pretty nice email thanking them for allowing us to recreate on the mountain. Bennett Lumber is the dominant landowner up there, and they've been exceptionally nice about letting us build trails and recreate on their property. Since we aren't paying for this, the least we can do is help them by being watchdogs for the mountain, and helping keep the place safe and protected. If you feel so inclined, sending Bennett an email or letter thanking them would certainly be well received. Without their cooperation our biking options would be a LOT more confined.

So, buried way deep in this email is some info about our trail project this summer. Some of us may remember our final trail build last season. We opened up Rock & a Hard Place after some significant timber harvesting happened in that area. For this summer we will be extending Rock & a Hard Place so that the east end connects all the way back to Lickity Split (near Four Corners). It's 90% through the same terrain as the last trail build, but some day.....it's going to be pretty. And as a bonus, without the trees to block the view, we were able to find a totally awesome rock ridge to weave the trail through. A second bonus is that once constructed, this trail will probably be open for as long as we're still riding bikes. It won't be ready for another harvest until we're all riding hoverboards (for the youngin's, rent "Back to the Future" and relish in the great days of Michael J. Fox and the sweetness of a stainless-steel Delorean)

Lastly, you're probably interested in current trail conditions. By Saturday afternoon 93.6% of our trails will be cleared of snow. Most of the trails from Headwaters to Paradise Point are clear and ridable. Triple Crown still has a little snow, but no huge trees in your way. North Contour is all good except for a tiny 10' section near the beginning. Cave Trail is clear, but has several trees down (will need a chain saw for most of them). Nemesis is clear and should have two super long log rides built early this season (Jonathan's going to need 5-6 people to help place them).

I think that's all for now. Hope to see you this weekend—either riding or building.

Dan Cordon
Jonathan Lomber


MAMBA News and Other Innocent Ramblings of a Mad Man
posted 04.16.07

MAMBAttering Rams,

I've been putting off the MAMBA email for far too long, and as such there's LOTS of things to report. And no doubt I've forgotten a few of the things I'm supposed to put in here too (feel free to send me a reminder). As it stands, less than 4.73% of most MAMBA members are going to make it past item #5 anyway.

Table of Contents:
      1) MAMBA Trail Party April 28th
      2) Road Bike Races April 28th
      3) Asotin Creek Update
      4) New Manager at Follet's
      5) Non-Profit Status for MAMBA
      6) McCroskey Park Update
      7) Mountain Bike Director (Boy Scout Camp)
      8) Lost top (not your typical "topless" Moscow announcement)

1) MAMBA Trail Party April 28th
It's that time again. You know....spring is in the air, sunshine is coming out more often.....this can only mean one thing. Yep, my birthday is only seven months away, so you'd better start shopping now. Oh ya, and to celebrate each month leading up to my birthday, MAMBA holds (in my honor, I'm sure) Trail Builds!!! Our first event is planned for April 28th (29th as a rain day). We'll congregate in the Rosauers parking lot at 8:45 am, get signed in and raffle off some prizes. If this is your first time, you'll want to bring fluids to drink and a snack for lunch, work gloves, and several friends. We'll provide the tools, and just enough guidance to convince people that we're organized. We're working on the Clif Bar and Red Bull donations, but can't be sure if we'll have them by this trail party.

So you're probably wondering what we'll be doing. This year we got permission to build trail from the east end of Rock & a Hard Place back towards Four Corners. The trail will contour uphill in the new "clearing" (honestly...it will get beautiful...probably in our lifetime), zig-zag through some amazing boulder outcrops, and eventually end up T-ing into Lickity Split. For this trail outing, we'll be clearing a LOT of brush. It will be a lot like the trail party at the end of last season where we re-opened Rock & a Hard Place.

2) Road Bike Races April 28th
Spring is always a busy time, so finding an open date is always difficult (both a calendar date, and a companion date). The same day as our trail party (April 28th), there will be a number of road-bike races happening in Moscow. The UI/WSU Conference Championships will be held that weekend, and they still need a few volunteers to help out. Naturally we would prefer you spend your weekend on the mountain, but if you have a *really* good excuse for not coming (eg: it would be a parole violation, someone at the trail party has a restraining order against you, you've recently passed away, etc.) then consider volunteering with them. For contact info, check out the UI Cycling Volunteer Web page.

3) Asotin Creek Update
Ike Andrews was nice enough to send me an update on the Asotin Creek Trail. He probably would have preferred I sent this out last month, but better late than later--


For us residents of the Lewiston-Clarkston Valley, Asotin Creek makes for a fantastic spring ride, great for renewing your trail-riding skills, which may have gone rusty from too much down time during winter. The scenery is breathtaking and the rushing water in the swollen creek bed next to the trail provides great sound-effects for your ride.

Bob Dice, Greg Fry and I spent about four hours each on March 22 clearing out the first 3 ¼ miles. Bob is awesome. He is the manager of the Blue Mountain Wildlife Area and the trail falls under his department’s purview. Thus, he has the authority to take motorized vehicles into the area, and provided us with three powerful 4-wheelers to haul in two chain saws, a rotary blade saw, 2 pair of electric trimmers, and a Stith blade (not to be confused with a Sith blade, which is the laser-powered version), which his department also furnished. We did some major tree-clearing, weed-whacking, rock-removing and branch-trimming as far as we could go until a fallen 2 ½ foot red pine took out the chain of the larger of the two chain saws. By then twilight was descending, so we headed home.

Brian Johnson is heading a scouting expedition on the morning of March 31st beyond the chain-saw-eating tree, hoping to make it to the Meadowlands, which is the 6-mile mark into the trail (for those unfamiliar, the first three miles of the trail are dual track and fairly easy, with a slow and steady grade in most spots, but a few climbs to get your pulse up and a fast-as-you-wanna-go descent on the return; the second three miles is singletrack and more technical, with some tricky rock-laden sections and steep ascents, but also some sweet swooping spots that you can really play for a lot of speed once you get familiar with the trail). Based on his findings, we will gear up for another trail cleaning day Friday afternoon, April 6th , meeting at the Asotin Boat Launch parking lot at 1:00 p.m. (across from the Zip Trip in Asotin). We hope to have enough local volunteers to finish the job, although the last part of the trail (Pinkham Butte, which most folks do from the other direction on their downhill bikes) will need some more time for the snow to melt and the mud to dry up. Pinkham Butte also has a few North-Shore type tricks which Scott Jackson and his motley crew put together a couple of years ago (Scott TNT Bikes but is now running his own bike shop called Ride-On-Bikes on the corner of Thain and Bryden in Lewiston).

Further out in the future, we are tentatively planning a group ride starting around 5:00 p.m. Wednesday, April 18th, when we should some additional sunlight in the evening to make it worth while (more on that later). We’ll let you know how the trail looks after next Friday, plus include some directions on how to get there for those who don’t know.

Ike Andrews

4) New Manager at Follet's
And as much as we love Paradise Creek Bicycles and B&L, the news in this edition is that Bruce Hoff is now managing things at the Moscow Follett's location. Stop in and say "Hi. Welcome back to Moscow. How's the boat project?"

5) Non-Profit Status for MAMBA
Nick Fuller has been working his magic (on and off the mountain) and MAMBA should have non-profit status this season. We'll have a board of directors, and bylaws, and everything. Now we just need a bunch of local mountain acreage. If you bump in to Nick, be sure to thank him for all the work he continues to do for us.

6) McCroskey Park Update
Jonathan and I had the pleasure to attend the Friends of McCroskey meeting last weekend. The park has been under new management for a few years, and Ron Hise has been doing a fantastic job up there. Along with improving the roads, adding water, toilets, and campsites, they've also been building trails. Grass Trail (now officially called "Korth Trail") is still there, but sections of it will be logged over the next few years. It will be sad to lose, but as a replacement they are putting in some non-motorized trails!!!! And the trail access is less than 1 mile down off the highway down Skyline Drive. We'll keep you posted on that project as it comes together.

7) Mountain Bike Director (Boy Scout Camp)
I recently got a message about a summer job opportunity that seems like it's a good fit for someone in our biking community.


My name is James "England" Trendall and I am the program director at Camp Grizzly Boy Scout Camp Near Harvard, Idaho. I run a camp that includes a Mountain Biking Program that no other camp in Washington or Idaho offers. I am in need of a full-time on-site Mountain Bike Director who must be over 18 yrs. I was referred to bikemoscow.com by my previous Mountain Bike staff member and Moscow native, Brian Morra.

The job lasts from June 16, 2007 to Aug 10, 2007. Being a member of the Boy Scouts of America is not required, however experience with youth and a positive mental attitude is a necessity. Some camping experience is also helpful.

James "England" Trendall

8) Lost top (not your typical "topless" Moscow announcement)
Lastly, a long sleeve top was left on Moscow Mtn and was picked up before the owner got back to it. If you're currently feeling warm and fuzzy on the outside, but racked with guilt on the inside - it might be because you're wearing someone else's top. Let us know if you found anything and we'll make sure it gets back to the proper owner.

I think that's about it for this edition of the newsletter! I'll send a reminder of the trail party a few days before hand with more details and such. For the select few that made it this deep in the email, you should know that the trails from Headwaters all the way to Paradise Point are clear and ridable/hikable. Much of the Four Corners area is still under snow (at least the trails off the north side of the ridge), but will be quickly thawing out over the next few weeks.

Now...get back and finish calculating your 2006 taxes...you still have a few hours.

Dan Cordon
Jonathan Lomber


Devil's Slide Bike Race
posted 03.01.07


Twin Rivers Cyclists - Devils SlideIn case you forgot, there's a race this weekend. Word.
In case you were planning to wuss out.....Verb.
Get your butts in gear and sign up for the Devil's Slide race this Sunday.

You still have 35 minutes to fill in the online entry form to qualify for early registration. Otherwise, get your cash ready and plan to head to Lewiston this weekend. If for no other reason than....it's only 6 miles for the Beginner class. If you can't do that, how are you going to swing a pulaski with us all summer?

Oh ya, and here's a little something to make sure this email makes it through all the spam filters:

Looking for a new MORTGAGE. Rates as low as twelve-thousand percent!! Be sure to forward this email on to at least 5 of your closest friends, and 5 people that you have lost contact with or have not spoken to in several years due to a strange misunderstanding about something your ex-boyfriend said behind their back, which inadvertently turned out to be in front of their back because they were listening on the baby monitor. Otherwise, if you do not forward this email, I will probably win the Devil's Slide race, and frankly, that just can't happen.

***Click here*** and input all your bank account and personal information. I (Bill Gates) am tracking this email, and will personally return $10 of the money I'm about to take from you via identity theft if you......

Dan Cordon
Jonathan Lomber


February MAMBA Newsletter
posted 02.05.07

****Sung to the tune of "Sugar Sugar - The Archies"****

MAMBA (da da dot da dot dahhhh)
Oh mountain mountain (da da dot da dot dahhhh)
You are my bikin' club.......
and you got me wantin' sun

Well, there's still plenty of snow on the mountain in Moscow, but that hasn't stopped several people from pushing their bikes around. But for those looking for a better alternative, you should really head down to Hell's Gate State Park and start practicing for the next Devil's Slide bike race. Once again Joe Wagenbrenner (along with assistance from other gracious MAMBA volunteers) is acting as the race coordinator. But hurry up, because you only have one month to get ready. The race is going to be on March 4th this year. For more details, maps, registration forums, and a general feeling of warm, fuzzy love - head over to the Web site of the event at: http://www.devilssliderace.com

In other news, we've been informed by Bennett Lumber that there's been some biking activity (last Fall) through active logging areas near Pond 9/Headwaters, and they're (rightfully so) concerned about safety. The loggers have a lot going through their heads when falling trees, and really can't add "looking for bikers/hikers" to that list. They do post signs, but often it's just a generic orange warning sign on the road--mostly for vehicle traffic. A biker/hiker on the trail may miss these. Our plan for now is for MAMBA to help inform the recreational public of the location of active logging sites. I will keep you updated of "stay the heck out of here" areas in the regular newsletters, but also ask for your help in spreading the word around to others not on the email list.

We are still undecided on our projects for this next season. We have a number of alternatives lined up, but want to wait another month or two to see if any better options open up. Once again, Jonathan Lomber has outdone himself in putting together 100s of pages of paperwork for an IDPR Recreational Trails grant. We'll see in the next few months if it's funded or not.TTFN


Dan Cordon
Jonathan Lomber


IDPR Recreational Trails Program Grant
posted 01.12.07

MAMBA Mambers -

MAMBA is writing a grant proposal to the IDPR Recreational Trails Program. We are seeking public input in this process. Please email us at info@bikemoscow.org if you have any thoughts or concerns regarding this proposal. Grant funding received will be used for the 2007 trail building season. We look forward to hearing from you!

Dan Cordon
Jonathan Lomber