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  • You may pay online or by mail
  • The membership fee is $20 yearly per household

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  • Dues are $20 yearly per household
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MAMBA is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, charitable organization. Contributions to MAMBA are tax deductible to the full extent of the law, minus $20.00 for the annual MAMBA trail map subscription.

What are the benefits of being a MAMBA member?

  • MAMBA Mountain BikerAccess to maps of local trails.
  • Access to GPS downloads of trails.
  • Access to trail specifications such as mileage, technical and physical difficulty, as well as detailed accounts of how to navigate the trail.
  • The pride of being involved in a great community organization.

What do the annual dues pay for?

  • Tool replacement and maintenance for building more trails.
  • Domain and Web hosting Fees (Note: All site design & maintenance is volunteer).
  • Assists bike-loving volunteers with an interest in creating local, sustainable trails for ALL non-motorized recreation.

By completing this MAMBA registration you agree to:

  • NOT republish ANY of the materials found on the MAMBA site.
  • NOT redistribute ANY of the materials found on the MAMBA site.
  • Keep in mind that all MAMBA trails are located on PRIVATE LAND. Our opportunity to ride on these trails is a privilege and not a right!
  • Be respectful to everyone on the trail.

Types of Memberships

All members of MAMBA shall agree to be bound by the Rules of MAMBA and conduct themselves in accordance with the Code of Conduct. Two levels of membership are defined:

Full membership
Full membership shall be afforded to any person or household who has paid the yearly dues ($20). Full members have full access to the secure area of the MAMBA Web site. This secure area contains detailed information about MAMBA trails including extensive maps. The duration of this membership shall be one year from registration date, after which time the membership must be renewed. Full members who lapse their yearly dues will lose access to the secure area of the MAMBA web site.

Free membership
The purpose of free membership is to allow Moscow Mtn Landowners access to the MAMBA secure area without paying yearly dues. If you are a Moscow Mtn Landowner, please email us at info@bikemoscow.org to gain access to the MAMBA secure area.