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Year Activity
2018 Wagon Trail reroute
Headwaters lower bridge repaired
PLT (Private Lands) repair done (post-logging)
Trail Landing parking area greatly expanded from original Moscow Mtn Rd parking
Warnick's Cabin taken down
2017 Moose Marbles/Jack's Route connection completed
Queen Mary's Revenge (QMR) build continues
2016 Moose Marbles reroute built
North Contour/Triple Crown connection completed
Cabin Hollow bridges built
Swoosh & Cabin Hollow designated as MAMBA trails
2015 Headwaters upper bridge built
Jack's Route & Headwaters reroutes built
Moscow Mountain CLOSED because of fire danger: July 7 to Sept 8, 2015
2014 Rock Taco built
Deep Vee removed
Switchblade expansion completed
2013 Queen Mary's Revenge (QMR) started
Warnick Cabin deck repaired
2012 Jack's Route built
2011 Private Lands Trail (PLT) completed
2010 LaFortunes Flight completed (with help of 45 volunteers)
Private Lands Trail (PLT) started (with help of 45 volunteers)
2009 Gemini completed (with help of 40 volunteers)
LaFortunes Flight started (with help of 40 volunteers)
Blonde Jeans Connector, Jericho's Wall, & Nemesis Landing designated as MAMBA trails
Wonderpup becomes the new shorter version of Wonderdog (due to logging)
2008 Gemini started
Lower Tusk repaired (post-logging)
2007 Rock and a Hard Place extended to 4-Corners
Alt Rock, Meadow Trail, Rolls Royce, Sand Blvd, & Whoop Dee Doo designated as MAMBA trails
2006 Sidewinder built
Triple Crown installed water drainage, Over Easy brush-cut, Nemesis built bridge
Rock and a Hard Place repaired (after logging with help of 22 volunteers)
Meadow Trail added technical features
Flipside, Lickity Split, Fruitcake, Wagon Trail & Hey Noose designated as MAMBA trails
2005 Nemesis built (with help of 20+ volunteers for trail build days 1, 2, and 6)
Cave Trail bridges built
Blonde Jeans designated as MAMBA trails
2004 Cave Trail built
2003 Headwaters completed
2002 Headwaters started
Cedar Grove trail rerouted
Triple Crown gains new turkey filters
South Side designated as MAMBA trail
2001 Cabin Trail MAMBA adds water bars
2000 Rock and a Hard Place built
Oval Office started, work halted before completion
Donkey Hoh Tea & Deep Vee designated as MAMBA trail
North Contour becomes shorter version of Sand Trail (due to logging)
Jump Trail jumps removed (due to logging)
Over Easy first 1/2 mi is now a logging road
Cabin Trail gains turkey filters and MAMBA cuts two cords of firewood for Warnick cabin
1999 Switchblade built
Moose Marbles, Over Easy & Wonderdog designated as MAMBA trails
Moose Marbles impacted by 1998 logging requiring erosion control work
1998 Pick Up Sticks built (logged fall 1998 & not maintained)
Liposuction designated as MAMBA trail
Southside Trail waterbars rebuilt (after spring 1998 logging)
Giant White Pine Campground trails restored by MAMBA, US Forest Service, & 24 teenagers from UI Upward Bound
1997 MAMBA formed
Spin Cycle built (logged 1998, not maintained)
Following trails designated as MAMBA trails:
  • Cabin Trail
  • Jump Trail
  • Tusks, Lower & Upper
  • Up & Over
Triple Crown east and middle loops impacted by logging
1995 Mountain Bike Guide to Hog Heaven lists these trails:
  • Cedar Grove
  • Ridge Rd East
  • Ridge Rd West
  • Sand Trail (now North Contour, Meadow Trail, and Sand Blvd)
  • Southside Trail (now Velo Rd, South Side, and Moose Marbles)
  • Triple Crown