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Cave Trail CLOSED

CLOSED due to Timber Harvest

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Parking Location: Four Corners
Length: 1.64 mi
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Trail Directions

Cave Trail is permanently closed/decommissioned

Cave TrailCave Trail is primarily XC trail, with enough roots and rocks to make things interesting.

It replaces the old "Sand Trail" that was turned into a logging road back in the late 90's. Cave trail is not for novices and will probably frustrate a lot of intermediate riders as well. The middle section of the trail is very technical, but it can be walked by virtually anyone. There are lots of roots and uneven trail surface that will probably have you walking a good portion of that section.

From Foothill Rd, ride north 1/4 mile down to Meadow Trail. Turn left (downhill) onto this road and descend over several fun jumps for about 1/3 mile to Homestead Meadow. Along the way, check out the thrilling sequence of TTF's in this section: a fantastic log ride, a rainbow bridge, a teeter-totter to a square log ride, and another rainbow bridge. If you look carefully when you reach Homestead Meadow, you can still see the old cabin logs on the left.

Follow Meadow Trail straight across Homestead Meadow bearing slightly right and continuing on. Do not drop down the steep motorcycle trail to the hard-right. Continue down the trail and ride over one small water bar, then slow WAY DOWN. Turn right onto the unmarked singletrack about 15 yards after the water bar. If you get to a log jump, you've gone too far. This unmarked singletrack is the start of Cave Trail.

In about 1/4 mile, you’ll come to an old road with a trail in each direction. Continue to the right, with many ups and downs in a generally eastward direction. The trail quickly becomes narrower and more challenging. Cave Trail gets much more difficult before it gets easier, so ride smart.

In order to get around a 50 foot tall cliff, Cave Trail follows a series of descending switchbacks. The surface of the tread alternates between new trail and older, overgrown skid roads. There are narrow, bridge-like log rides, rock gardens, and twisty turns. The skid roads are steep, but in order to keep erosion problems to a minimum—please try not to skid the rear tire. Precise use of your front brake is the best way to control your descent speed, as the use of any rear brake is likely to lock up and won't end up reducing your speed.

The "cave" for which the trail is named will be on your right when you’re on the second bridge. About this point, the hand-crafted singletrack eventually becomes a wider, machine-built trail contouring across a few skid roads. Eventually you’ll drop onto one of these skid roads and abruptly start heading up through a series of short, steepish grunts, interspersed with gentler sections.

Cave Trail pops out onto the middle of Whoop Dee Doo with the red gate at the Dyer Meadow about 1/4 mile uphill to the southeast.


Trail Map

MAMBA Trail Map


This trail is located on private land and was built by MAMBA with the consent of private landowners for the enjoyment of ALL non-motorized traffic. Please be considerate of the landowners and users of the trail by treading lightly. More on Trail Etiquette...