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Access Rd

Foothill Rd

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Parking Location: Four Corners
Length: 7.70 mi
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Foothill Rd


Trail Directions

Paradise Pt is a must see destination any time you're headed that direction. From Four Corners, most novice riders can make it there and it's a great place for a break, taking in the views, and maybe have a snack (please pick up your wrappers though!).

Go west from Four Corners on Foothill Rd. It will climb gradually for the first 1.5 miles. Continue slightly downhill for the next 1/2 mile until you're in much more of an opening. Look for a small trail off the left side near the end of the clearing. The trail has been opened up into more of a road recently, but is still rideable...just not as technical as it used to be. The trail gains in elevation all the way to the top (~1/4 mile). When you reach the top, look for a large pile of rocks to your left. This is Paradise Pt. Have a seat on the rocks and enjoy the breathtaking view and cool breeze.

If you know your way around, the path that continues to the west will eventually get you over to Headwaters...but if you don't know the way, you'll probably get lost trying it on your own. If you head back the way you came up, be sure to hit The Tusks on route to Four Corners.


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