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Parking Location: Trail Landing Parking
Length: 3.83 mi
Report Problem: Contact Trail Steward
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Trail Directions

Gemini combines some technical switchbacks and roots with a bit of sneaky elevation that makes it a more challenging, but very fun, way to get down the mountain.

When you park for Gemini, please park in the Trail Landing Parking which is just after the steep switchback gravel corners. Park there, due to the lack of room for safe turn around at the actual trailhead. From Trail Landing Parking, ride up Moscow Mtn Rd (gravel) 0.25 mile, looking on left side of the road for a single green fence post with lots of barbed wire strung across it. Gemini TrailThe wire is between two pine trees that have No Trespassing signs up high on them to deter motorized users.

This barbed wire fence is the Gemini trailhead. Go around the fence to the right. The trail is obvious.

Pedal 1.3 miles (all distances are from the parking area) on Gemini singletrack, then go around the blue gate. Ride another hundred yards or so, to where the trail descends onto the gravel. This is Moscow Mtn Rd. Gemini continues on the downhill side of the road, just to the left of a small metal culvert.

The singletrack descends for 0.2 mile, then climbs and rolls to mile 2.5. To go to Cabin Trail, bear hard right while descending the off-camber turn that drops you onto Warnick Rd. To continue on Gemini, go straight at mile 2.5 and do not drop onto Warnick Rd.

There is a decrepit A-frame outhouse on your right at mile 2.7. (Don't look down the hole, because rule #1 in mtn biking is that your front tire goes where your eyes go!) To go to LaFortunes Flight, bear a hard right to descend onto Warnick Rd. Head southward down the road and you will come to the Warnick Rd Parking and LaFortunes Flight trailhead on your right almost immediately.

At mile 2.8 there is a collapsed log cabin at the apex of a hard left switchback. Climb on!

The next half mile offers three nice rests on the flatter skid road sections, connected with steeper, new singletrack.

At 3.7 miles from the parking area, Gemini emerges onto Moscow Mtn Rd. Ride DOWNHILL on the gravel for 35 yards, then hike-a-bike up the steep road cut trail on the right. Arrive at Four Corners approximately 4.1 miles from the parking area. An alternative to riding the last 0.4 mile of Gemini singletrack is, when you reach Moscow Mtn Rd, simply turn right and pedal up the gravel to Four Corners.

To ride DOWN Gemini from Four Corners, stand at the blue gate facing uphill. Go toward Four Corners. As you enter the flat area at Four Corners, bear HARD LEFT onto a sweet doubletrack dirt road. This is the upper trailhead for Gemini.


Trail Map

MAMBA Trail Map


This trail is located on private land and was built by MAMBA with the consent of private landowners for the enjoyment of ALL non-motorized traffic. Please be considerate of the landowners and users of the trail by treading lightly. More on Trail Etiquette...