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MAMBA Trails - Moscow Mtn, Idaho

7/12/2021: Moscow Mtn is CLOSED until FIRE DANGER is reduced.
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ParkingTrailhead Parking



EasyBlonde Jeans (1.58 mi)

EasyCabin Trail (0.61 mi)

IntermediateCave Trail CLOSED

EasyCedar Connector (.37 mi)

EasyCedar Grove (0.45 mi)

EasyCedar Grove West (0.23)

Access RdClearcut Connector (0.63)

EasyCrumerine Creek (0.08)

Access RdEast Lookout Rd (0.64)

EasyEasy Out (0.18 mi)

IntermediateFlipside (0.24 mi)

Access RdFoothill Rd (7.70 mi)

EasyFruitcake (1.03 mi)

IntermediateGemini (3.83 mi)

IntermediateGrumpy Grouse (0.37 mi)

IntermediateHeadwaters (3.54 mi)

Easy Easy
Intermediate Intermediate
Access Rd Access Rd


Access RdHeadwaters Landing (1.20)

IntermediateHey Noose (0.46 mi)

IntermediateJack's Route (1.00 mi)

EasyJump Trail (0.78 mi)

IntermediateLaFortunes Flight (2.81 mi)

IntermediateLickity Split (0.46 mi)

EasyLower PLT (0.40 mi)

Access RdMeadow Trail (0.28 mi)

IntermediateMoose Marbles (1.42 mi)

IntermediateMoose/Noose Connect (.26)

Access RdMoscow Mtn Rd East (2.51)

Access RdMoscow Mtn Rd S. (2.59)

IntermediateNemesis (1.02 mi)

EasyNorth Contour (.75 mi)

EasyN. Contour Connect (.29)

EasyOver Easy CLOSED

IntermediatePLT (3.31 mi)

IntermediateQueen Mary's Rev (2.31)

IntermediateRock/Hard Place (1.59 mi)

Access RdRock Creek Rd (1.31 mi)

IntermediateRock Taco (0.65 mi)

Access RdRolls Royce Rd (1.35 mi)

Access RdSand Blvd CLOSED

IntermediateScott's Trail (0.43 mi)

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EasySidewinder (0.60 mi)

EasySouth Side (0.31 mi)

EasySubaru Hollow (0.88 mi)

IntermediateSwitchblade (1.00 mi)

Access RdSwoosh Rd (3.05 mi)

Access RdTamarack Rd Access (1.6)

EasyThe Tusks (0.29 mi)

EasyTriple Crown (1.25 mi)

EasyTusks Connector (0.12 mi)

IntermediateUp & Over (0.33 mi)

EasyUpper Rocks (0.11)

Access RdUpper Warnick Rd (0.65)

IntermediateVelo (0.29 mi)

EasyWagon Trail (0.58 mi)

Access RdWarnick Logging Rd (0.79)

Access RdWarnick Rd (1.05)

EasyWarnick Spur (0.07 mi)

EasyWhoop Dee Doo CLOSED

IntermediateWonderpup (0.94 mi)

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Favorite Combos

Intermediate Tarter's Loop (11.80 mi, 2326' vertical climb)
Tarter's Loop, by Dave PeckhamPLT > LaFortunes Flight—top section > Nemesis > Rock & a Hard Place > Sidewinder > Tusks Connector > Gemini

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MAMBA Trails - Moscow Mountain, ID

MAMBA Mountain Biker

MAMBA Bylaws/Meeting Minutes

MAMBA trails located on Bennett land are open to ALL non-motorized means of transportation. Acceptable use includes horseback riding as well as hiking, running, and biking. Trailheads are usually kept hidden to reduce illegal motorized use. It's best to ride these trails with someone who's ridden them before.

IMBA Rules of the Trail





1) Ride on open trails only

2) Leave no trace

3) Control your bicycle

4) Aways yield

5) Never scare animals

6) Plan ahead