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LaFortunes Flight

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Parking Location: Warnick Rd Parking
Length: 2.81 mi
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LaFortunes Flight


Trail Directions

Named for Jim LaFortune, the man largely responsible for developing Moscow Mtn's trail network, LaFortunes Flight is a series of about 18 switchbacks that gets you to the top of Moscow Mtn's main riding area. The whole thing is cleverly designed to make you feel like you're going to throw up and die, while somehow still delivering you at the top of the mountain alive and ready to head down Nemesis. The lower part of the trail connects to PLT, Jump Trail, and Cabin Trail.

To get to LaFortunes Flight from the Warnick Rd Parking, enter the trail to the right side of the road and pedal uphill. At about 3/4 mile there will be a fork in the trail. The left fork takes you to the bottom of Jump Trail. The right fork continues on LaFortunes Flight. Shortly after this fork you will cross a road. About 1/4 mile after crossing the road, you will come to another fork in the trail. The fork to the right is the top of PLT. LaFortunes Flight continues uphill on the left fork. The trail switchbacks up a fairly steep grade on Moscow Mtn, occasionally popping out into recently logged areas to provide gorgeous views of Moscow and the Palouse. As you get near the highest point of the trail, you will intersect a logging road. Turn left to continue the last leg of LaFortunes Flight, which takes you past the climbing rocks (a.k.a. Coffee Rocks), and eventually ends at the top of Nemesis. Alternatively, if you ride the logging road you will rejoin Moscow Mtn Rd East in about 300 ft, just east of Blonde Jeans.

Jim LaFortune was the founding member of MAMBA. Back in 1995, Jim wrote and published the Mountain Bike Guide To Hog Heaven which helped grow a strong community of Mountain Bikers in this area. Jim died Nov 12, 2010 following a 14-month battle with brain cancer. LaFortunes Flight was completed in August 2010 and Jim was able to lead an emotional group ride to the top and back.

Jim LaFortuneJim's legacy lives on in the trails created for his and other's enjoyment. Without his vision and persistent efforts working with private landowners to enhance our local singletrack opportunities, we would not have access to the inner beauty (and convenience) of Moscow Mtn via the fantastic trail network in existence today. He was an amazing person whose love for the outdoors continues to give us all a gift.


Trail Map

MAMBA Trail Map


This trail is located on private land and was built by MAMBA with the consent of private landowners for the enjoyment of ALL non-motorized traffic. Please be considerate of the landowners and users of the trail by treading lightly. More on Trail Etiquette...