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Moscow Mtn Rd East

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Parking Location: Four Corners
Length: 2.51 mi
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Moscow Mtn Rd East


Trail Directions

East Moscow Mtn Lookout (shown above) is a must see destination any time you're headed to that side of the mountain. This got its name from old lookout was at the top of Tamarak ski hill (closed in the early 90's). The location offers spectacular views in all directions.

Head east from Four Corners on Foothill Rd. When you get to the Rock Creek Rd intersection at Four Corners' parking area, continue east on Moscow Mtn Rd. It will climb steeply for the first 0.75 miles. (Advanced riders will prefer to ride Nemesis, which joins Moscow Mtn Rd at the top of this climb.) About 1/8 mile after this climb, stay right at the Y (Blonde Jeans is to the left). About 1/2 mile after the climb, stay left at the Y (blue gate to the right). Another way to remember...head uphill for the first two Y's. The road continues a gradual climb for the next 1/2 mile, then has a gradual descent for another 1/2 mile. At this point, there will be an uphill driveway on your right and the parking area for Cedar Grove on your left. Continue past these for another 1/2 mile where there will be a blue gate and a long sweeping corner to your right. Take the sweeping corner to your right and ride up East Lookout Rd—staying right at the intersection ~1/3 mile later as well. This will lead you to the East Moscow Mtn Lookout about 3/4 mile later. Have a seat on the rocks and enjoy the breathtaking view and cool breeze!

This ride is all on doubletrack so is great for "fit" novices. For some extra fun, take Wonderpup on your way back. If you know your way around, continue onto Cedar Grove, Cedar Connector, and Blonde Jeans before returning to Four Corners.


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