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Trail Head Parking

Parking Map

Trail Head Parking Map

8/07/2019: Be aware of logging truck traffic on Warnick Rd and Moscow Mtn Rd while active logging takes place on lower LaFortune's Flight and the north-most portion of PLT.

Parking Directions

Always park in designated parking areas. Never park in front of gates (locked or unlocked). Drive a reasonable speed on your way to and from the mountain particularly around blind courners. Turn your car stereo or radio off as you're unloading at the trailhead.

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Headwaters Parking

  1. From Moscow, head north on Highway 95 for ~3 miles.
  2. Turn right on Lewis Rd.
  3. At first Y go right (staying on Lewis Rd).
  4. At next Y go left (onto Foothill Rd).
  5. ~200 yds. later you will find Headwaters Parking Area on the right.

Please keep your dogs on a lead when traveling the 1/4 mile from the parking area through the locked blue gate just past the next junction. Continue another 1/4 mile after the gate to find Headwaters trail head.

Headwaters Parking

Headwaters Parking



Trail Landing Parking
(a.k.a. Moscow Mtn Rd Parking)

  1. From Moscow, head North on Mountain View Rd.
  2. Continue past the two 90° bends in the road
  3. The second gravel road on the right should be ~ 3/4 miles after the second 90° bend. Turn Right on Moscow Mtn Rd.
  4. Stay on the main road
  5. At ~ 2.5 miles there will be three more 90° corners
  6. At the 3rd corner, take the Y on the left.
  7. About 2 miles after this intersection you will reach a right sweeping 150° corner followed shortly by a blue gate. If the gate is locked, park in the opening below the big corner.
  8. If the gate is open, proceed up the road. After a series of a few steep switchbacks, you will reach a flat straight section on the road. Trail Landing Parking Area will be just off the road on the right side.
  9. NEVER park at the lower trail heads for Gemini and Private Lands. MAMBA has been specifically asked not to park there.
  10. If the Trail Landing Parking Area is full, continue up Warnicks Rd and park in the wide spot just before you pass a gate on the right side—Gemini and Private Lands can be easily accessed from this location.

Moscow Mountain  Parking

Trail Landing Parking

Four Corners Parking

  1. From the Moscow Mtn Rd Parking Area, continue up the hill.
  2. About 1/2 mile later you will reach a fork in the road. Warnick Rd. is to the right, but continue to the left on Moscow Mtn Rd.
  3. About 1.5 miles after Warnick Rd fork you will reach the blue gate at Four Corners.
  4. Turn Right on to Ridge Rd (aka: Foothill Rd.) and proceed another 1/3 mile to the next intersection.
  5. This is the Four Corners Parking Area. Park on the right where there is a clearing for 3-4 vehicles.

Please do not block roads, or park in front of either blue gate at Four Corners.

Four Corners Parking

Four Corners Parking

Warnick Rd Parking

From the Trail Landing Parking area, continue up the hill.

  1. About 1/2 mile later you will reach a fork in the road. Turn Right onto Warnick Rd and continue for about a mile.
  2. Look for the road to widen with lots of parking space on the right side. This is Warnick Rd Parking Area. (If you get to a 90° turn to the right, you have gone too far.)

Cabin Trail Parking

Warnick Rd Parking