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Queen Mary's Revenge

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Parking Location: Four Corners
Length: 2.31 mi
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Queen Mary's Revenge


Trail Directions

Queen Mary's Revenge (QMR) is a fairly difficult blue trail that is built on the steep terrain of a 40 acre parcel. QMR trail has quite a few switchbacks and bridges. It is gorgeous with rock formations, really well built bank-turns, creek crossings, steep slopes, and large cedars that all combine to make it a very special trail.

QMR is located on the east end of Triple Crown just below the start of the "third crown". Heading east on Triple Crown, go up a steep singletrack and, when it levels off, enter an old landing (looks like a meadow). Instead of turning right to head up the old logging road, turn left to head down. Go about 400 feet down the old road past a yellow gate. There, QMR takes off to your right.

There are two ways to the bottom. As you travel down QMR, you will cross a bridge and then, just after the next switchback you come to, you will see a trail going down the hill to your right. This is an alternate route named Scott's Trail that was completed in 2017. Both routes get you to the bottom end of QMR which connects to Subaru Hollow and to Swoosh Rd. Subaru Hollow takes you to Meadow Trail. Swoosh Rd, an old road system, takes you back to the west end of Triple Crown.


Trail Map

MAMBA Trail Map


This trail is located on private land and was built by MAMBA with the consent of private landowners for the enjoyment of ALL non-motorized traffic. Please be considerate of the landowners and users of the trail by treading lightly. More on Trail Etiquette...