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Rock & a Hard Place

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Parking Location: Four Corners
Length: 1.59 mi
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Rock and a Hard Place


Trail Directions

A fun, short, somewhat challenging trail with an (optional) ~2' drop near the end. Primarily downhill, but with a few sneaky climbs thrown in for good measure.

The west end of Rock & a Hard Place is at Dyer Meadow. To get here, ride down either Sidewinder or Lickity Split. Once in Dyer Meadow and looking north at the red gate, you will see two overgrown skid roads to the east. Rock & a Hard Place is the one along the fence line, while Lickity Split is the other. Follow this overgrown skid road ~2/3 mile where it will end with an abrupt rock/dirt face to climb. From there, it's all singletrack through a somewhat-recently logged wonderland.

At about 3/4 mile, the trail splits. Stay right to continue on Rock & a Hard Place and enjoy the beautiful views created by an old clear-cut. The top of the trail joins Lickity Split near the Four Corners Parking.


Trail Map

MAMBA Trail Map


This trail is located on private land and was built by MAMBA with the consent of private landowners for the enjoyment of ALL non-motorized traffic. Please be considerate of the landowners and users of the trail by treading lightly. More on Trail Etiquette...