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Access Rd

Sand Boulevard CLOSED

CLOSED due to Timber Harvest

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Parking Location: Four Corners
Length: 3.13 mi
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Sand Blvd

Trail Directions

Sand Boulevard is the lower part of the sweet singletrack previously known as Sand Trail (reference Hog Heaven Guide). The west end begins at the bottom of Meadow Trail. An alternate route is to ride the first 1/4 mile of Cave Trail, then drop down an old skid road to the left which connects to Sand Blvd. Sand Blvd can be used to bypass most of Cave Trail. You can connect back to the climb on the east end of Cave Trail about 0.7 mi later. If you choose to stay on Sand Blvd, at about 1 mi from the start, you will come to an intersection with Whoop Dee Doo heading uphill to the right. About 1/4 mi later you'll come to a large sandy intersection. The start of Over Easy is downhill to the left, while Sand Blvd continues to the right and connects with Rock Creek Rd about 2 mi later.

From the end of Sand Blvd, you're only options back to Four Corners include some steep climbs. You can ride Rock Creek Rd which is covered in gravel and quite steep for the next 0.6 mi. Alternatively, you can ride Rolls Royce Rd, then climb (quite steeply) up Fruitcake (hence the name), and continue on Blonde Jeans and Nemesis back to Four Corners.


Trail Map

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