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Access Rd

Swoosh Rd

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Parking Location: Four Corners
Length: 3.05 mi
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Trail Directions

Swoosh Rd has the best views looking north and northwest of about any place on the mountain. Because it goes through old logging, there are lots of flowers during the spring and early summer. It is a "not-so-old" logging road and thus, a nice easy ride for in-shape beginners and intermediate riders—yes, there will be some vertical climbing coming back up whether a person comes back via Swoosh Rd, Queen Mary's Revenge (QMR), or Subaru Hollow/Meadow Trail.

A person who wants the flavor of the mountain without riding technical terrain, can get to Swoosh Rd by taking Foothill Rd to the west end of Triple Crown and then riding down it until reaching Swoosh Rd which Y's off to the left. After a nice long ride down Swoosh Rd, you may extend the ride by heading up QMR a short distance before turning off down Subaru Hollow and then taking Sand Blvd all the way out to Rock Creek Rd.


Trail Map

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