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Trail Etiquette

Etiquette for Moscow Mtn Recreationists

Bikers, runners, and hikers must yield to horses by getting off of the trail on the downhill side and talking to the riders so the horses know you're not a predator. Bikers must yield to hikers & runners and must be ready to come to a full stop if necessary. Reduce your speed when you're biking around blind corners. Even if you are riding on a wide dirt road, slow down whenever you encounter non-bikers.

IMBA Rules of the Trail





1) Ride open trails

2) Leave no trace

3) Control your bicycle

4) Yield appropriately

5) Never scare animals

6) Plan ahead

Moscow Mountain NatureMoscow Mtn is PRIVATE LAND. Owners do not have to let us use their land, so please treat the mountain with respect and stay off posted property unless you have personal permission from the landowner. Bennett, the landowner for most of the MAMBA trails, allows multiple use on their property—thus most of the MAMBA trails are open to horse traffic as well as hikers, runners, and bikers.

Motorized vehicle use is prohibited on Moscow Mtn except for county roads and other selected logging roads on an owner-by-owner basis. (Logging roads do not mean skid trails or grown-in and deserted roads.) Please be respectful of the rights of the landowners and do not trespass. Keep motorized use on the roads where it is permitted. If in doubt, ask the landowner!

Drive a reasonable speed on your way to and from the mountain particularly around blind corners.

Turn your car stereo or radio off as you're unloading at the trailhead.

MAMBA Mountain BikerPick up any trash you find. If you hike or bike with your dog, please USE A STICK to flick your dog's poop off the gravel road or trail.

Be nice to EVERYONE you meet when driving to/from the mountain and while riding. SLOW DOWN! Remember to wave and smile when you meet someone. Like it or not, you represent our sport. One bad impression from you can spoil trail access for everyone.