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Wagon Trail

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Parking Location: Headwaters
Length: 0.58 mi
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Wagon Trail


Trail Directions

Wagon Trail is a fun, flowy short connector between Moose Marbles and either Rock Taco or Foothill Rd and the central part of Moscow Mountain.

Starting on the uphill trail heading east of Paradise Point, Wagon Trail begins about 100' up the trail off the right side. After about 0.3 mile, you come to an old skid road. Wagon Trail continues across this road (and slightly to the right) for another 0.2 mile of winding downhill and finally ends at Moose Marbles. If you're riding up Moose Marbles, you'll come to a second junction to the left that is Wagon Trail. Go a bit further and you will T into Switchblade. Turn left to go up to Paradise Point or right for a great ride down to Jack's Route.


Trail Map

MAMBA Trail Map


This trail is located on private land and was built by MAMBA with the consent of private landowners for the enjoyment of ALL non-motorized traffic. Please be considerate of the landowners and users of the trail by treading lightly. More on Trail Etiquette...